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If you are planning to become self-employed, you are in for an exciting and challenging time. I have been self-employed for many years and if I can save you from making the whopping mistakes I have made I’ll be a very happy coach. How to make your own luck before you start Knowledge is power [...]

15 Dec, 2008

Positive Psychology Coaching – Book Review

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Positive Psychology Coaching By Robert Biswas-Diener and Ben Dean (Wiley, 2007) Reviewed by Wilma Allan of Coaching Inside Out Positive Psychology is the science of happiness.  Introduced by Abraham Maslow, but overlooked at the time, it has, over the last decade, been championed by Dr Martin Seligman. The book is light and well laid-out. Written [...]

15 Dec, 2008

Danny West – Success Stories

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Danny West – Personal Performance & Leadership Coach. ‘Passionate about empowerment, Danny West works in partnership with people who are living with HIV, disabled people & people with long term health conditions to enable them to achieve personal and professional success’ Danny West is principal consultant of RYL Training, Coaching & Leadership Consultancy which provides [...]

09 Dec, 2008

Increase Your Attention Span To Solve Problems

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Today, the newest generation that is growing up has an attention span of a gnat. We all know this is true if we watch them fiddle with their thumbs doing instant messaging and the rapid pace at which they send out e-mails or surf the Internet. A mind with such a short attention span will [...]

08 Dec, 2008

Richard Barningham – Success Stories

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My journey began in February 2008 with the free coaching weekend session that I found inspirational and crystallized my decision to become a coach. Between April and August I attended each of the accelerator days for the Corporate and Executive Coaching Programme and Personal Performance Coaching Diploma, soaking up as much as I possibly could, [...]

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