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30 Jan, 2009

Stages of Team Formation

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A team is generally established to work on a particular project or task. When the task is complete, the team then generally disbands. There is often an expectation that any team is effective immediately but this is an unrealistic expectation because before a team can become highly effective, the members need to grow and mature. [...]

30 Jan, 2009

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

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Eric Hoffer, a migrant worker, longshoreman, street philosopher and author, describes his experiences of change in his book The Ordeal of Change. ‘Back in 1936, I spent a good part of the year picking peas. I started out early in January in the Imperial Valley and drifted northward, picking peas as they ripened, until I [...]

22 Jan, 2009

Jack: Straight From the Gut – Book Review

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Jack: Straight From the Gut By Jack Welch (Headland Publications 2003)Reviewed by Ayoola Kaffo This book is listed on the "50 Success Classics" by Tom Butler – Bowdon. In 2004, my Best Friend, Adenrele who also loves reading, brought the 50 Success Classics to my attention. We both agreed to go through the list and [...]

22 Jan, 2009

Compassion and Coaching

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Since I first became involved with coaching three years ago, I keep coming back to a couple of important questions. First, why spend your life helping others to achieve their full potential instead of just fulfilling your own?. The second question concerns rapport. Building rapport is a vital element in any form of relationship, and [...]

15 Jan, 2009

Think and Grow Rich – Book Review

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Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill (Ebury Press 2004) Reviewed by Ayoola Kaffo Wow… I read ‘Think & Grow Rich’ in July 2005 out of curiousity, and it captured my interest after reading the first few pages. Once I read this book I had no choice but to develop an idea and put a [...]

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