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26 Feb, 2009

Success Stories – Dominique Ventura

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Life Is Not A Peaceful River I navigated for years on impetuous rivers and finally set ashore the world of coaching… It was the last day of the Dragon’s year and the first of my humble life. Being a leap year, I was, in fact, born on the 366th day. A few hours before I [...]

26 Feb, 2009

Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting – Book Review

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Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting By Lyn Grabhorn Mobius (4 Jul 2005) Reviewed by Yvette Bowen The title of Lyn Grabhorn’s book is a great indicator of the style and content. The author is an earthy Texan who has battled her own demons successfully and has presented her version of the Laws of Attraction [...]

26 Feb, 2009

Pavlov And His Dogs

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Ivan Pavlov was a Russian physiologist who lived from 1849-1936. He founded the Institute of Experimental Medicine in 1890, where his primary interest was digestion. Pavlov’s Dogs is the name given to Ivan Pavlov’s seminal research in the early 20th Century, which established some essential principles of Classical Conditioning in the field of human psychology. [...]

18 Feb, 2009

5 Brilliant Rumi Quotes

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I have a lot of favorite authors, but one that tends to spark a welcome wave of inspiration and renewal every time I read his work is Rumi. Rumi was a 13th century Persian poet (1207-1273). Though his original works were written in Persian, they have also been translated into other languages and are still [...]

18 Feb, 2009

Walking A Tightrope

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How do we make the transition from an existing career into the one we desire? Will it be a smooth, quiet and eventless transition or will it be difficult? It may be worth reflecting on the words of Charles Darwin, who said, ‘It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent. It [...]

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