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A couple of weeks back, I got a call from a previous client telling me about the bad feedback he was getting for his coaching programs. His trainees had nothing good to say about his programs and worst, more than half of these people were asking for their money back. This is the worst thing [...]

23 Mar, 2009

Businesses Don’t Fail; People Fail

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There is the often banded statistic that one in three business fail within three years, where this figure came from I don’t know. I suspect its urban myth and taken as fact as I can’t find any source. With all the talk about the economy and the Global meltdown, going into business must be one [...]

22 Mar, 2009

Success Stories – Aliya Ali-Afzal

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I just wanted to share some recent career success with you which I hope will be of inspiration to other trainee/ new coaches. As you may know, for the last four years I have been running my own coaching practice (, coaching professionals such as bankers, managers, doctors and lawyers

22 Mar, 2009

Thoughts On The Leadership – Management Debate

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When my daughter returned to her job in customer services after a 12-month break, she was told that she’d have to wear a manager’s jacket since no other uniforms were available. She was frequently mistaken for a manager because of her uniform and began to observe the behaviour of the managers and team leaders around [...]

14 Mar, 2009

Know Your Worth Before Selling Yourself

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How many of you are looking for a job or interviewing candidates for positions? How many of you are attempting to influence and persuade others on a daily basis? Life is full of negotiations and opportunities to sell yourself. The question to ask yourself is am I good at it? These are days of economic [...]

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