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28 Apr, 2009

Book Review – Brilliant Life

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Brilliant Life By Michael Heppell Prentice Hall Life Reviewed by Charlie Adler ‘Brilliant Life’ by Michael Heppell is an easy read, easy to dip into book that takes you by the hand and guides you through aspects of the ‘Wheel of Life’ step by step. At a reasonable price of £9.99 it divides the ‘Wheel [...]

  The phrase ‘If you take no action, nothing will happen’ makes perfect sense to me. However, I still hear fellow coaches making many excuses or giving reasons for not actually picking up the phone to prospective clients to find out how they might work with them. You must do something if you want something [...]

19 Apr, 2009

Coaching Through Debt

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I can still remember the day vividly: it was January the 3rd 2006. It was a cold, miserable day and I felt hopeless, guilty, scared and ready to run away from my life and all of my problems. So what changed for me that day? Well this was the day that I took charge of [...]

19 Apr, 2009

Book review – WHALE DONE! The Power of Positive Relationships

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WHALE DONE! The Power of Positive Relationships By Ken Blanchard Free Press, 2002 I have long been a fan of the One Minute Manager series that Ken Blanchard is most famous for, and am rather disappointed that Whale Done dishes up a refried version of Blanchard’s now famous wisdom. This time our narrator is Wes [...]

19 Apr, 2009

Dealing With Job Loss

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Job loss is probably the most traumatic event in anyone’s career path. People react differently – some with shock, helplessness while others who were perhaps forewarned, with an initial bravado. However, whether it is an expected event or an unwelcome surprise, the loss of a job can seriously dent a person’s self-esteem. Initial bravado may [...]

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