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31 May, 2009

The Ramblings Of A Professional Coach Part 2

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Hi guys, last time we spoke I was rambling on about preparing to launch my career as a coach in a recession, I was about to submit my final work for my personal performance and my corporate and executive diplomas. Well I can share with you now that I passed both with distinctions! I have [...]

28 May, 2009

The Power to Transform

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“Transformation” – overworked perhaps, yet, nevertheless, a term with which I feel a rather powerful connection. A few years ago, in the final stages of my twenty-seven year stint in corporate life, I was appointed to the ‘Transformation Directorate’ of the IT division of one of the world’s largest companies. As corporates are inclined to [...]

28 May, 2009

The many shapes of Gestalt

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Gestalt psychology is a framework that can be applied to a wide variety of psychological phenomena and processes. Within the school of thought, human beings are viewed as ‘open systems, in active interaction with their environment’. The framework helps particularly in understanding our response to structure and order. The movement is credited to Max Wertheimer

Let me ask you a simple question – what is the difference between a manager and a coach? I like to watch football on TV and for years, in the UK; we have always described the person in charge of the team as the ‘Manager.’ In the US and other parts of the world, the [...]

18 May, 2009

Training the Mind To Think Positively

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They say that we will never really know what we have until it’s gone. So, shall we wait for some things to disappear before we appreciate them? Not exactly. In fact, the mind can and should be trained to focus on the brighter things in life, no matter how little or uninteresting they are, so [...]

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