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28 Jul, 2009

Coaching Cancer Sufferers

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My name is Christine Miljkovic, I am 46 years old and married with three sons. As an adult I have lived in England, Russia, The Netherlands and Singapore, where we recently returned after many years away. It will come as no surprise, then, that my core business is coaching expats, but what is less well [...]

28 Jul, 2009

Coaching and Healing

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We are fortunate to have a new approach to Wellness Coaching coming into being across the UK. I’d like to draw attention to recent unexpected research breakthroughs into what makes patients better. Professor Kathy Sykes of Bristol University, asked in a BBC2 documentary series: Can complementary or alternative medicine (CAM) be demonstrated to be effective [...]

22 Jul, 2009

Coach Me Happy

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It never fails to amaze me the impact coaching has on people’s lives. We must hear the words ‘life changing’ on a daily basis, and when I think of the miracles it has bought about in so many people’s lives I feel humbled and inspired to be a part of such an amazing process that [...]

‘I have recently been coaching a number of senior and middle managers in a primary care trust undergoing massive organisational change, with three organisations merging into one, people applying for their own jobs and not getting them, and a real de-moralised air about the place. ‘It’s interesting that highly able and usually confident people’s pervading thoughts were “I won’t get a [...]

12 Jul, 2009

I Only Want to Coach Part-Time

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Using a combination of excellent coaching skills and clever marketing tactics, Business and Life Coach Darren Cockburn (MBA), a Coaching Academy graduate and NLP Practitioner, has developed a very successful coaching business but has no desire to make it a full-time career. He explains why.  By Marie-Louise Cook. In five years, Darren Cockburn has moved [...]

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