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25 Aug, 2009

Get Your Book Title Right!

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A few years ago I wrote a book for parents offering them help and advice on how to support their children through the school years, from three to 18. As a weekly advice columnist for The Independent, with a long career writing about education and three children of my own, I knew exactly the kind [...]

It took Hillary a tremendous effort to contact me. For a long time close friends had suggested he should see a therapist, a consultant, an expert in reflexology or even a psychiatrist. Hillary, deep down, knew that none of these people could really help him. He often repeated to whomever would listen that he was [...]

16 Aug, 2009

Harnessing Talent – Coaching the Elite!

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Imagine, from an early age dedicating your life to one pursuit and being completely focussed on your goal – to consistently be the best you can be.  Now picture achieving your dream of standing on the winner’s podium receiving an Olympic medal; holding the Premiership trophy aloft with your team mates at the end of [...]

Shortly after starting my first teaching post in an inner school, I was introduced to the concept of coaching. It really appealed to me and grabbed my attention straight away – it was a very positive and forward thinking technique and I seemed to understand the potential benefits almost immediately. Coaching was offering to deliver [...]

02 Aug, 2009

15 Minutes Of Coaching

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I am continually amazed at the power of coaching and feel privileged to be part of such an amazing skill base that lifts people lives and helps them be all that they wish to be. I recently had the opportunity to provide ad hoc coaching to a person that I met at a Toastmasters’ meeting, [...]

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