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You may have heard the term Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ), but what actually is it? What does it mean in practice? And more importantly, how can you use it to help your clients? EI describes an ability or skill to perceive, assess and manage the emotions of yourself and others. This includes interpersonal skills [...]

21 Sep, 2009

Helping Families into the Light

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I provide a service for parents who aren’t finding parenthood a ‘walk in the park’! In my former life B.C (before children) I was a high-flying, globe trotting fashion designer earning lots of cash and having a ball! I had freedom, choices, money, and no one to think about but myself. Then I had children. [...]

Have you reached an age where doctors, vets and policeman look increasingly younger and notice people saying “life’s not a dress rehearsal” and “these are the best days of your life”?. Yet life doesn’t quite feel that way as the responsibilities of demanding employers, partners, children and possibly ageing parents pull you in several directions [...]

I recall that fantastic day when the certificate for the Personal Performance Coaching Diploma arrived in the post. ‘Yes! I‘ve done it!’ It was a great feeling of accomplishment. Then I suddenly thought, ‘Ah now what?’ Is it just me or do many of us coaches go through this? It is possible to be a [...]

01 Sep, 2009

The Energy of Conversation

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I have many great memories from my time spent studying for the twin Corporate and Executive Coaching Programme & Personal Performance Coaching Diploma at The Coaching Academy: the inspirational accelerator days, practice sessions with coaches, developing my skills with clients, and getting a smile from one of the trainers on the way to a workshop [...]

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  • Emma-Louise Elsey: CONGRATULATIONS to The Coaching Academy! I'm a bit late to the party here, but that's wonderful news. Well done for all your hard work and dedication
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