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24 Nov, 2009

First Impressions are lasting Impressions

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8 Top Tips for Building an Effective Image Wardrobe for a Coach! Written by Ann Skidmore You have worked hard to achieve the success you have right now. In today’s highly competitive world, putting attention on cultivating an effective wardrobe will accentuate the professional image that supports your objectives. While you know that you get [...]

17 Nov, 2009

Top Tips from ‘The Confidence Coach’

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I firmly believe that you have to take action if you want to improve your confidence and self belief.  Just talking about it isn’t enough. I have worked with clients who use affirmations over and over again and then get despondent, because there is no lasting change and when I ask them, ” People with [...]

17 Nov, 2009

Mind Master – Edward de Bono

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The world’s leading authority on creativity and conceptual thinking, Edward de Bono has applied his thinking skills to subjects such as business, economics, foreign policy, health and education and has filled nearly 70 books with his ideas on his favourite subject. Now aged in his early 70s (the exact age remains a secret – from [...]

10 Nov, 2009

Deliver Powerful and Impactful Workshops – Top Tips

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by Mairéad Whyte, Life Coach – Speaker – Business Coach Delivering a workshop for the first time can be a daunting experience to say the least. And like any other skill it can be learned easily, and the more you do it the better you get. To deliver your workshop and know that you have [...]

09 Nov, 2009

To suggest or not to suggest – that is the question

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The question of whether or not professional coaches SHOULD or SHOULD NOT give advice has been the subject of countless debates in recent years. The Coaching Academy’s Kris Robertson provides an opinion.

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