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25 Apr, 2012

Making a Difference While Making a Living – Bev James

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Is it possible to make a difference while making a living? This is a philosophy that is close to my heart and one that I have been thinking about a lot lately. There is a new and exciting wave of philanthropy sweeping the business world & it reminded me exactly why I got into Coaching.

25 Apr, 2012

Stand Out From The Crowd – By Debbie Robinson

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You set yourself apart from the competition by the questions that you ask , the ideas that you bring and how well you communicate them.

It goes without saying that the Armed Forces do a fantastic job looking after the security of our country. Setting up a career in the Forces is a big decision that many make from a young age. The MOD have a great initiative to promote lifelong learning amongst those that have committed their careers to [...]

18 Apr, 2012

Spring Clean – Out With The Old, In With The New!

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We collect and hold onto things and thoughts without always knowing why. Now is a great time to have a mental spring clean. Present yourself with the permission to make a conscious decision as to what you want to hold onto and what is unhelpful that you want to ditch.

18 Apr, 2012

Top Tips for Productive Thinking – Ann Skidmore

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We ALL have the potential to think better, more productively, and more creatively in everyday life. Thinking more productively is a skill that we can learn, all it takes is the right focus.

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