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14 Sep, 2009

Achieving a Better Work – Life Balance

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Achieving a Better Work/Life Balance - Coaching Blog

Have you reached an age where doctors, vets and policeman look increasingly younger and notice people saying “life’s not a dress rehearsal” and “these are the best days of your life”?. Yet life doesn’t quite feel that way as the responsibilities of demanding employers, partners, children and possibly ageing parents pull you in several directions at once, and you may feel you’ve lost any real control, direction and purpose in your life, and start wondering if Work/Life Balance really does exist.

Well, it is possible, but you need to take responsibility for the choices you make and be prepared to TAKE ACTION.

Is Your Life Running You?

Old habits die hard, but remember, if you continue to do the same things, you will get the same results.

Focus on what’s really important to YOU and adapt your approach, ensure that the habits you have really work.

Think about when things were going really well, what were your doing then, that you can adopt today?

My biggest learning is that I can’t to do everything myself, and even I need to ask for help and support. 

Today, I’m a busy working mum and still have a lot of demands on my time, but now I am the one in control, life does not control me. I feel energised and enthusiastic. Am I claiming that I’m perfect?, NO!  I still need a chocolate fix at 3pm now and again – what girl doesn’t!

So what’s the magic formula for creating a greater work life balance – Here’s my top tips:

  1. Put yourself at the top of the list, as least once in a while! Learn to say no when appropriate
  2.  Get clarity of what you really do. Log what you actually do over two weeks. Write this down honestly and you’ll be shocked how much time you waste
  3. Eradicate your time vampires. How much time do you spend moaning about having no time, searching for keys or that piece of paper with your notes on. How long do you really spend in front of the TV or computer attempting to ‘escape’
  4. Focus on what’s truly important to YOU. Don’t live by someone else’s standards – when you’re on your death bed, will you really be thinking “I wish I’d done more ironing”?
  5. We can’t physically change time, so schedule your priorities. Consider each of your roles and think what is really important for me to achieve this week or month as a mother, employee, daughter, wife etc….
  6. Refresh your mind, body and soul. Get out in the fresh air, do something to make you laugh and get a better night sleep, unwinding even just 20 mins before you go to bed will leave you far less stressed.
  7. Make these tips habitual, but be patientnew habits typically take 3-4 weeks to become truly embedded

By Debbie Hayes

4 Responses to "Achieving a Better Work – Life Balance"

1 | Oma

September 16th, 2009 at 5:19 am


I like the last point! Sometimes we actually need to give ourselves permission to take time out for self-care. It needs to be on the To-Do list! I’ve been learning this lately. I usually eat my food while walking around doing things, like typing on my keyboard with the non-eating hand, or finger! Now I remind myself to sit down and enjoy the meal. And perhaps look out the window and enjoy the view!

2 | Cherry Douglas

September 16th, 2009 at 10:05 pm


Thanks Debbie.

I work with career changers and a lot of what you so is so relevant to them. Given the busy lives we all feel obliged to lead, it is not surprising that career changers often seem to feel that they have not time to make the change to what they really want to do. But as you say, with a little prioritising, it is amazing what you can achieve.

Your Career Change Guide

3 | Vie

September 18th, 2009 at 8:05 pm


Hi Debbie

I just realised today that I am going back to doing a job I left a year ago, within the same company. And now I am wondering how did that happen which has left me feeling really frustrated. Even though I am moving towards my own goals, the progress seems small. Your comments on making time for yourself couldn’t be truer, I have turned down doing activities that would make me happy to doing what I ‘have to do’. Really I should be striking a balance between the two. But what do you do when your passion for learning is also the very rope that binds you!

4 | Carol Skolimowski

September 21st, 2009 at 8:13 am


The “time vampires” is a great way to phrase it, as it is truly scary how much time is wasted or just disappears in a day. I am now at the stage of thinking I have missed something, because I am not dashing round the house looking for keys, or trying to find the shampoo I bought last week. I will now look for the vampires in my work day.

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