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11 Oct, 2009

An On-going Client Relationship To Build Success Upon Success!

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On-going Client Relationship To Build Success Upon Success - Coaching Blog

Client:  Although I have this goal…..this has now appeared… and I wonder how I am going to be able to juggle all the balls and still succeed?

The power of coaching never ceases to amaze me, especially because we coaches are in the position of working with a range of clients, forever asking them “wisdom access questions” that enable them to discover new insights, create new actions to move them forward in their work and their lives.

We all know our raison-d’être coaching relationship is to enable clients to build success upon success by being able to achieve any number of goals, goals which may not always be fully apparent at the start of the coaching relationship, more often they emerge as the relationship develops. 

From the start of the coaching relationship, where there isn’t always a focus on one particular area, and if there is, as other areas emerge this can create some measure of trepidation, fear or uncertainty for the client, who may begin subsequent coaching sessions by asking the coach the thorny question: “Although I have this goal…. this has now appeared…and I wonder how I am going to be able to juggle all the balls and still succeed?”

For me, this is where I get a real buzz and excitement out of being a coach, where I know that clients really need me to get over this thorny issue: act as a sounding board, a devil’s advocate, a motivator, the person who is “rooting for them”, challenging them to succeed; providing them with clarity and inspiration to help them learn and develop, create direction and momentum, manage their time more effectively, especially as more challenges appear on the horizon and prioritization is the priority.

Coach’s Question to client:  Ask yourself, what is the best use of your time right now?  What works best for you? How do you see the 100% time being spread over your tasks?
Client Answer:  80/20 or maybe 80/10/10!            

Coach’s “Time Management” Tips for client:

  • Stay focused and on your targets.
  • Organise your work-space – at home and at work.
  • Organise your mind.
  • You can’t do everything, so only do what’s important.    
  • DO   -  Make a list of daily "To do" tasks
  • DELEGATE – Do devolve down to others tasks, so they can support you
    and learn to say "no"
  • DELAY – Prioritize and postpone.  Date the action and act on it.
  • DUMP – Get rid of it if its not necessary. Once you have shuffled your
    paper once/read the e-mail and taken action, then if its no longer
    important its out of your mind.
  • DECLUTTER your mind.
  • Chunk tasks.
  • Don’t waste any time.
  • Avoid putting things off.
  • Do one thing at a time.
  • Talk, rather than write – talking is more productive in terms of the use of your
    time and you will get more of an immediate response – although you must still
    respect the time of others so that you don’t appear too pushy.
    Remember:  Five minutes saved each hour will give more than 3 hrs a week.
  • Build in some fun and some quality time!

Before I qualified with The Coaching Academy with a Diploma in Corporate and Executive Coaching in March 2007, I had already made the decision to enhance my broad repertoire of skills and the skill of coaching is a skill worth knowing. It is more recently that I have discovered that my niche as a coach is leaning more and more towards that of being a “Motivational and Confidence Coach”, someone with the ability to transfer my energy and enthusiasm to help inspire others to succeed. This skill is particularly important in the current recession when people may be feeling stressed, over-burdened, fearful and generally quite negative.  They need people like me to lead the way and we are a growing breed. 

So, why am I writing this piece today?  It’s to provide you the reader with one small insight into how I am currently supporting a female executive on her exciting journey of personal development and change, a journey that is becoming more exciting every time we meet.  This insight will help you as practitioners with supporting your coaching clients who may be experiencing similar challenges and uncertainty.

When I was first asked to coach my client, we started the relationship with me helping her create an Action Plan with tasks, measures and outcomes for the development stage of an innovative idea she had identified for a new business (this is something I can easily do, as I am also a Business Adviser). 

From that initial meeting the focus has since widened exponentially. My client has found a range of other opportunities sprouting up in various new directions, and I am delighted that she has chosen me to bolster the reigns as she rides forward!

Every meeting we have is a stage coach ride of her telling me about her “wins” her “new opportunities”, “new challenges” “successes” “concerns” both in her employed role and the  range of other areas of involvement which are growing “like topsy”.  I can’t wait for the next exciting journey instalment to discover how she may require further help and support.

I am currently helping her focus, plan, improve her time-management skills, and to overcome procrastination or anything else she identifies.

Although it is likely we will be taking a short break whilst she flies fully solo, she knows I am only on the end of the phone if she needs to speak with me. Her journey is in full flow and full steam ahead.  As we travel, our activities may oscillate in and out from different directions. There are sure to be a number of exciting outcomes, and I have to keep pinching myself that what’s important is to enjoy the journey and keep on juggling all the balls.  Watch this space!

Viv Leach  
Motivation and Confidence Coach,   
“Vitality – for life and learning”                              

4 Responses to "An On-going Client Relationship To Build Success Upon Success!"

1 | Jacqueline Pigdon

October 14th, 2009 at 11:55 pm


I agree time management comes down to choice and you choose how to fill up your time even with forward planning your diary – many people often over commit to things that are not their top priorities.

One of the best motivators is to measure! Once you can see your progress if it’s in business or sport/exercise and can see which milestones you’re at on the path towards your goal this inspires one no end instead of just going along hoping you will get there.

To ensure you’re in balance while juggling all your balls download our free report on ’7 Keys to Spiritual Enlightenment’ here:

Live Your Best Life!

Jacqueline Pigdon
Existentialist Spiritual Coach

2 | Oma

October 22nd, 2009 at 1:30 pm


Great article!

I especially like the part about dealing with paperwork once and for all, then moving on. Brian Tracy calls it Single Handling. He says to identify your most important task at any given time, then to handle it in one go, ignoring distractions.

Take scheduled breaks if you must, but stick with the task till it’s finished. I tried this Single Handling in writing up my fortnightly ezine. I succeeded in getting it done in 24 hours where it usually took me 4 days! So yes, time management (or personal management)when juggling many balls should involve identifying your most important task, then attacking it with Single Handling, as Viv has said, albeit in different words!

3 | Chris Stevens

October 30th, 2009 at 11:07 am


Tony Robbins demonstrated the difference between being focussed on getting down our list or focussed on what will be the most effective use if out time. Useful issue to think about.

4 | Monique Davis

June 18th, 2010 at 6:33 am


Great story and very nice to read.

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