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01 Oct, 2009

Balancing Act

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Balancing Act - Work Life Balance - Coaching Blog

People start their own coaching business because of the flexibility and control it affords. Yet sometimes, without them knowing, they stop running the business and the business starts to run them. Work and life blend together and they are never too sure where one begins and the other ends.

The work-life balance ideal can feel like a distant idea when you are sitting in the wee small hours trying to balance the accounts. It has become all work and no play, and somewhere the balance of your life has been lost. Putting down some ground rules to ensure that you do indeed find the right balance is essential, and these three tips can help to get you back on the right track.

1. Separate home space from workspace
If you are working from home you can find that the whole house has become an extended office, so it can help to have a separate office space. Even if you have another place of business, work will always find a way of coming home with you, so a separate space at home will ensure that you are not interrupted when working. When you leave your home office and close the door, you are able to mentally ‘switch off’ from work. Remember, your business is not a substitute for your family so avoid bringing work issues into family life and vice versa. It will require great discipline to keep both separate, but for the sake of all concerned, it is worth it.

2. Be flexible
By working for yourself you get to choose your own working hours. This is an area where you can take back control. Choose hours that suit both your business and social needs. For example: if you have children at school, you may wish to work only during their school hours, or you may work a longer day with short breaks for the school run. Do not forget your other responsibilities to yourself as well as others; life is for fun as well as work.

3. Stay positive and be realistic
Achieving a work-life balance you desire is really about believing that you can really do it, and sticking to your own rules. Don’t feel guilty if you have some time out for yourself when, in theory, you could be working. Don’t be pressured into taking on more work than you can handle, but if you are getting more work then you can reasonably do yourself, then consider getting help by hiring temporary staff or taking on an employee. Again, you have to be very disciplined and know your limits. Your business goals and workload need to be realistic, otherwise you will end up feeling over-stretched, over-stressed and very unhappy. Take a positive attitude and say to yourself that you deserve time off and, more importantly, don’t waste that time by worrying!

By Kevin Ryan of Moving On Coaching

1 Response to "Balancing Act"

1 | anjala

September 10th, 2010 at 6:40 pm


Totally agree. I have so many clients who are either working all the hours they can or struggling to get the hours in. Balancing work and life is tricky but it pays to sit back and actually see how you are REALLY spending the hours. Without this time could be wasted just worrying that you aren’t doing enough. Being effective and efficient is the most important thing here. I insist that my clients take at least 20mins a day out for themselves each day. Or to join the gym. A healthy body = A healthy Mind.


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