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23 Jun, 2009

Becoming A Life Coach

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Becoming A Life Coach - Coaching Blog

Life coaching is a global boom industry with an exciting future. But life coaches are still relatively thin on the ground in this country – making it a lucrative opportunity for anyone who’s ever wondered if they could become one. Are you one of those people?

What exactly is life coaching?
Put simply, life coaches help people achieve their goals and desires in life. This involves identifying what is making them unhappy and developing practical solutions to address those problems:

  • They could be frustrated at the speed their career is developing and seeking to ‘turbo
    boost’ it
  • Perhaps they’re unhappy with their whole career and want to try something radically different
  • They might want to improve their work-life balance
  • They may need advice on how best to manage their financial problems
  • Or be trying to resolve difficult relationship problems

Many people don’t know even why they are unhappy – only that they are dissatisfied with how their lives have turned out and determined to do something about it. Life coaches can help people turn their lives around and start turning dreams into reality.

Who uses life coaching? 
Anyone and everyone can benefit from life coaching, from housewives to prime ministers. Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela and Tiger Woods have all worked with life coaches.

In fact, it is often highly successful, talented people who turn to life coaches for help. Whatever walk of life people come from, they’re all seeking answers a life coach can help them find.

What does it take to be a good life coach?
A good life coach is someone who can listen and empathise closely with people. They have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, often developing a close rapport with their clients that can last for years.

  • Life coaches have the intellectual vision to see to the heart of a problem and the strategic expertise to develop effective solutions
  • They have the patience and determination needed to fully support clients as they embark on an often radical course of change
  • They possess great personal integrity, living according to high ethical and moral standards, inspiring clients by the example they set

If you are someone who people find easy to talk to and take advice from, then you already possess the key qualities a life coach needs!

What are the benefits of me becoming a life coach?
You yourself may be unhappy with your career trajectory and work-life balance.  Perhaps you are not making the most of your best qualities? Becoming a life coach could have many benefits for you:

  • Be your own boss, managing your time as you see fit
  • Intellectually stimulating work where no two days are ever the same
  • Potentially high earnings – life coaches can earn up to £200 per hour
  • Greater flexibility in your working hours and the chance to work from home
  • The satisfaction of helping people achieve their ultimate goals of happiness and self-growth

If you are interested in Starting a career as a life coach, our Life, Personal Performance Coaching Diploma is a great start!

1 Response to "Becoming A Life Coach"

1 | Paul Meager

July 28th, 2009 at 1:57 am


Once you have made you decision to become a coach, go for it.

But remember the best coaches have been coached themselves. I was silly to start with and thought I could do it alone, I knew better, as it were.

I was wrong, and I have made it my personal mission to help all prospective coaches through their course and on to success.

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