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05 Jul, 2009

Career Coaching

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Career Coaching - Coaching Blog

Career counselling may involve specialist services, which use psychometric tests. By giving the client a series of tests measuring aptitudes, occupational interests and aspects of personality, the results may be interpreted by a consultant psychologist and a report with recommendations written. Other career counsellors may make no use of tests but use their skills to assist clients in focusing on occupational and other aspects of their lives.

Career coaches may also choose to use the psychometric tests referred to above, whilst others will use the processes outlined in this module.

The Role of the Corporate Career Coach

Zeus and Skiffington state that the primary purpose of corporate career coaching is to help employees consider alternatives and make decisions regarding their careers. This in turn can help the organisation provide or plan opportunities. They describe a comprehensive range of aspects for which a career coach will assist the individual:

  • Assess the current situation and objectively evaluate career options
  • Work with the individual to clarify values and aspirations
  • Act as a resource to provide useful and valuable information about how to research particular jobs and careers
  • Assist the effective marketing of the individual
  • Overcome blockages
  • Cope with rejection
  • Help recognise personal strengths and weaknesses and how personality ‘type’ fits with certain careers and work environment
  • Increase productivity and status within current job
  • Develop career goals
  • Provide ongoing feedback, support and encouragement
  • The Scope of Career Coaching
  • Career Events

The following is a series of career events that individuals may experience and which span from their first job through retirement. As the coach, you may be asked to assist the individual who is:

  • Starting a new career
  • Mid-career and feeling stuck
  • On a treadmill and can’t get off
  • Wanting to change career
  • Suffering from the ‘Hero’ syndrome and feeling overwhelmed
  • Looking for Executive career development
  • Aiming at and dealing with promotion
  • Facing Redundancy
  • Facing Retirement

In-House Career Coaches versus External Career Coaches

The table below lists some of the advantages of both in-house and external career coaches.



More familiar with company culture

Allows staff to be more open and perceived as less biased

Can assess and design development programmes for specific needs of company

Reluctance of individuals to reveal any weakness to someone within the organisation

Can use performance evaluation for career planning

Provide objective, confidential discussions for top managers

Awareness of skills and competences and can plan training

Avoids having to train managers and HR personnel in coaching skills

(Adapted from Zeus & Skiffington)

5 Responses to "Career Coaching"

1 | Coaching in Germany

July 8th, 2009 at 9:55 am


greetings from Germany, where Career Coaching is more or less not existing, what you can find is consulting….in all different ways……

2 | Oma

July 8th, 2009 at 3:28 pm


Thanks for this information. Very useful. Does the Coaching Academy offer a course, or training in Career Coaching?

3 | Bridie

July 8th, 2009 at 4:29 pm


I would also be interested in a specific career orientated dipoma with TCA

4 | Anji

July 13th, 2009 at 8:36 am


Anyone interested to know more about The Coaching Academy’s various diplomas please check the link below

If you need any more information on coaching, diplomas, how they are run etc; do contact anji on 020878961859

Also why not apply online to come to one of our free taster days that happens over the weekend. All the dates are on our website; We do not enrol our students on emails, phone or internet. It’s following to the taster days, once you are sure about coaching and where you would like to take it forward we welcome you aboard. So apply for a free place today.

If you have any queries feel free to speak to me.


5 | Kris Robertson

July 13th, 2009 at 10:06 am


Hi All

The Coaching Academy run a whole day dedicated to Career Coaching as part of our Corporate & Executive Coaching Programme. Though the skills gained from our Personal Performance Coaching Diploma are excellent to coach someone on Career issues, the Corporate Programme takes this to the next level providing detail around tools and techniques used to coach clients around their career goals.

Kind Regards


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