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27 Jul, 2011

Coach In The Spotlight – Carol Brown

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Coach In The Spotlight - Carol Brown

Carol Brown qualified through The Coaching Academy programme and has enthusiastically agreed to share her coaching experience, so we have put her in the Coaching Hot Seat. Here is Carol’s story:-

I never really decided that I was going to work in sales, it just happened. I was working as a Senior Trader with a multi-national paper and plastic merchant when the company decided that all staff, from all branches were to be sent on an ‘Introduction to Sales’ course. Initially, I felt a bit miffed at that, I had been working in a sales environment for 12 years by that point. However, after my first one and a half hours of that course I realised what job I wanted to do. That course wasn’t only about selling…it was really life coaching.

My experience of that course stayed with me and I made the decision to train to become a Life Coach. I researched courses available and decided that The Coaching Academy was the organisation that stood out from the rest. I definitely made the right choice. The training days were inspiring and the material was presented in a way which made it interesting and fun to learn. The people I met and trained with were just as interesting, committed and fun. In fact, The Coaching Academy’s MD, Bev James, was one of them.

My learning wasn’t just confined to the training days. I was working full time and also teaching as a fitness instructor part time but the coaching slotted in well. It gave me plenty of opportunities to use the new skills I’d learned when I got home, trying them out just to see what happened. No-one needed to know that I was practising on them. I saw my learning as an adventure. I now had the confidence to use and hone these new skills and adapted them to suit my style until they became natural to me. This meant that by the time I enlisted the help of my training clients, I could concentrate fully on them, not on the methods and models.

I then attended the DISC Personality Profiling CPD day at The Coaching Academy. Wow, this was something that really consolidated all of my learning with a heightened understanding of myself and others. DISC really helps me to communicate coaching concepts more effectively.

I launched my coaching and personal development business in January 2007 with the intention of working mainly in a corporate environment. As it turns out, I didn’t choose my coaching niche, it chose me.

Because of a chance conversation at dinner, letting the ideas flow and believing in my skills, I now primarily work with local authorities, criminal and community justice authorities, NHS, youth groups, charities and voluntary organisations with both their staff and clients. Coaching allows you to connect with people from all walks of life and the privilege of being part of some huge life changes and successes.

I would wholeheartedly encourage new coaches to realise that this amazing skill of coaching can be applied in any situation and with any client group. Keep your mind open and the opportunities will follow.

However you choose to use your coaching skills, whether it’s by launching your own business, within your current job or personally, you’ll never be sorry you took the journey. The learning never stops. Enjoy the adventure!

Carol Brown

4 Responses to "Coach In The Spotlight – Carol Brown"

1 | Lisa Young

July 31st, 2011 at 11:15 am


Thank you for your wise encouragement to new coaches in keeping an open mind, at a ‘coaching crossroads’ and unsure quite how best to use my exciting new skills, your comments are very timely and helpful. You are right, it can be used so well in such a breadth of environments and with people within different contexts. Well done on launching your own business and I’m sure the adventure of learning and development will remain to be valuable and fun for you.
With warm wishes, Lisa

2 | David Finney

August 2nd, 2011 at 1:38 pm


It’s wonderful how everything starts with a conversation.
Inspiring stuff.

3 | Bev James TCA Managing Director

August 3rd, 2011 at 6:26 pm


I remember Carol from my very first Coaching Academy event, she had such great energy and enthusiasm. At the end of the weekend I asked her if she would be my coach as part of the pro-bono practice sessions. I remember Carol being a fantastic coach and she helped me keep on track setting up my coaching business. Thank you Carol you helped me at a very important time in my coaching journey and for that I am truly grateful.

4 | Carol Brown

April 17th, 2012 at 4:42 pm


My sincere thanks to all of you for your comments.

Lisa, I truly hope you have continued to develop those ‘exciting new skills’ and found a way to use them which sits well with your values and view of the world. You’ll know when you’ve found it (or it finds you) and who knows where it will take you!

David, I agree that conversation is one of the best creative tools around. I tend to engage in conversation with anyone who’ll talk back :~)

Bev, thank you for your kind words. You are an inspiration to so many and are to be commended for your amazing ability to enable people to achieve their dreams…but you’ll always be Bonkers Bev to me ;~)

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