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22 Mar, 2011

Coach In The Spotlight – Christine Francis Asmar

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Coach In The Spotlight - Christine Francis Asmar

Coaching couldn’t have come into my life at a better time, thanks to it and to a lot of supporting family members and friends I was able to go through a tough life experience. Coaching gave me the power to have a choice with an experience that I had literally no control over. That was my 1st hand experience with coaching.

When I decided to become a coach, it was a decision based on two criteria. First I wanted to do a career change and the second I wanted to fit my new lifestyle which is my family life. I was faced with a highly challenging situation, aware of what coaching is and how it will become my future dream career, owning my own business, being my own boss, entailed some risk taking. However my motivation, I found out later on, was based on two of my most important values. The first was making a difference which later on in my career translates to inspiring change and driving momentum while supporting organization and people become the best they can. And the second is health and wellbeing that definitely materialized in developing a lot of healthy habits while leading a balanced life where self development is at the heart of it. Little did I know then about the impact it will have on my whole life.

My journey throughout the course was not an easy one I can say, it was a challenge not only for my mind as it involved lots of skills to be learnt as well as work on oneself; yet also on the physical front. I joined my first diploma and I was 5 months pregnant, I had to fly to attend classroom trainings, being resident in Beirut. I was very excited to start as I was convinced that this is exactly what I want, nonetheless somewhere deep I had a doubt and a zillion what if questions. All my questions have been answered and today I still travel to attend all my courses and I so look forward to each one of them.

My experience with The Coaching Academy after I joined as a protégé student is not merely equal to attending the course it is more equivalent to be present in an inspiring surrounding where every interaction is a learning experience and sky is the limit only if you want to! Whether it is with the coaches or the students it is so enriching and fulfilling. My decision of joining The Coaching Academy has somehow accelerated my professional growth and my confidence in my coaching skills. Every time I leave with a portfolio full of tools and techniques and I cannot wait to go back and take some more home with me.

Prior to becoming a coach, I am a holder of a BS from New York State University I have worked for a regional company for over 12 years in the exhibition and event industry as part of the management team. My background has highly developed my creative skills, and my extensive experience of managing people and deadlines has increased my level of responsibilities and accountability. Working with versatility has given me the flexibility, patience, solution oriented, focus as well as my adaptability to change. I have developed a capacity to maintain a motivated engaged team which contributed to my success as well as to the success of the organization I worked for.

This is what I believe is my natural advantage as a coach where I am able to apply these second nature skills when working with people next to my expertise in the management arena.

Coaching is journey where each step is as important as the destination itself and I want my journey to be a long one while I celebrate each step and mile crossed.

Early in my career, I have started working with individuals. Currently I am working with mainly small businesses; my clientele vary from sole business owners to companies that are up to 15 employees. My reason to working with SME is that most of the companies in Lebanon somehow fall under this niche. The less obvious reason to others that has become very clear to me is the fulfillment I get from seeing the impact that my coaching interventions leave on these businesses as a whole and on its individuals in particular. Next to that, the added value I bring in as a coach and the comprehensive approach to cover all the aspects of the business by implementing all the business coaching tools and models I have learnt with the academy is proving efficient and cost effective to these small businesses that usually have limited budgets for developmental programs.

Working with my clients gave me the opportunity of shifting their perspective on how much control they have over everything in life. I call it the triple C formula Choice = Control = Change and based on this I have realised that one of my favourite questions is “In what way are you giving away your power?” it’s never failed for me to create the shift needed and gain responsibility.

I know I am heading in the right direction and my new stepping stone is to concentrate for the coming two years time to incorporate in my coaching practice developing programs to cover “corporate social responsibility” and “social entrepreneurship” where the impact will be extensive and reach a bigger audience. I want to act as a partner with organizations to bring their awareness to the natural role they can play in making a difference while being profitable, increase social value and impact on quality of life positively through engaging their teams and individuals. This is where my vision lies.

The message I want to send out today is that coaching makes things possible and within reach. For those who are looking into coaching I say stop looking and jump aboard. As to those who are training I say the best learning I had was with experimenting and working with clients and following my intuition in the process. To those who are about to qualify I congratulate them and welcome them to my world. Last but not least to all the coaches who are in a similar situation to me I say each one of us is unique and this is what makes us successful find your unique self and work from there.

by Christine Francis Asmar

3 Responses to "Coach In The Spotlight – Christine Francis Asmar"

1 | Peter Lawton

March 23rd, 2011 at 12:22 pm


Good question that Christine uses; “In what way are you giving away your power?”

2 | Sharon Waring

March 24th, 2011 at 10:12 am


Agree, an excellent question and I will use it with my clients.

3 | Ann Skidmore

March 25th, 2011 at 10:25 pm


Christine you are a fabulous coach and I wish you much success in your coaching in the Lebanon with all those SME’s – they are very fortunate to have you as their coach. It will be a pleasure to hear how you get on from time to time!


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