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09 Nov, 2010

Coach In The Spotlight – Dace Briede-Zalite

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Coach In The Spotlight - Dacie Briede-Zalite

In September 2009 I left my very successful 15 year corporate career as I was not feeling fulfilled. I asked myself – what makes my heart sing? What do I really enjoy doing? After thinking about these questions I got an understanding – helping people. I remembered the time when I was coached in my role as a Sales Director and I realised that the impact it made on me was big. Almost – turning around my behaviours and beliefs. So I started to search the internet about coaching.

After I decided to look for this new direction – coaching, I wanted to study with an institution with a solid reputation. I attended the 2 day certificate event with The Coaching Academy and knew this is where I wanted to study.

The timing was perfect, The Coaching Academy were running an accelerator week of 5 consecutive live training days. This was perfect for me living in Latvia as I could focus one full week in England. I was surprised how working with the same people during that week you start to feel as one family. I have gained good contacts, trust and continuous support from my colleagues. I also met some very intellectual and charismatic tutors.

One of the most interesting things for me to learn was to accept the concept that even if you are not giving advice, a person can benefit and get support.

I am focusing my coaching around the niche of young people. I use my skills to establish a good rapport with them, so they come to me and share their fears and dreams. I always get energy and emotional satisfaction after meeting them.

My goal is to become the number 1 Careers Advisor in Latvia for young people and to establish a real academy for youth, where they receive the most effective career coaching and support for their future goals. Everything depends on your own ambition.

I have created my own company Youth Academy “ Move the World” (“Pacelt Pasauli” in Latvian). I have created a concept – “coaching triangle” with seminars for youth, teachers, parents. I have started to collaborate with schools, pre-schools, also delivering public seminars. During October I have delivered the Goal Mapping programme to 110 people in Latvia (youth, pre-school tutors, teachers). I have got the first commercial contract for one international company to deliver “Goal Mapping” in December for their Baltic countries management staff in English!

I have also been elected as a Board Member and Director of Professional Development for “ICF Latvia” for 2011. My aim is to excel coaching at a new professional level, secure professional standards and expand collaboration among existing coaches in Latvia. In order to be able to support teachers and parents better, I initiated a survey ‘Youth (16-20) needs and biggest fears in Latvia’. This will be the evidence to support me during my seminars to teachers.

I have got confidence that I really can help clients to overcome fears and move forward. I have tools as to how I can enlighten other people’s lives. I enjoy coaching as I feel balanced and help gain balance for others.

I was very proud to receive my Diploma from The Coaching Academy in front of all the new commers to coaching and share my journey with them. It is very rewarding to gain a qualification which is recognised and allows me to work in any part of the world. I belong to The Coaching Academy with pride and know that I will receive continuous support from the Academy tutors and classmates.

I found it difficult to identify just one favourite coaching question so I have two; What emotion stands behind it? What is so important for you to achieve this goal?

My onward journey holds several challenges, I know I have the resources within me to continue my success. For those looking at starting a career in coaching; dare to start living your most fulfilling life!

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4 | Sabrina Braham

November 10th, 2010 at 4:01 am


Over 90% of successful leaders have used an executive coach to reach their goals and increase communication, productivity and time management. Why? Having an impartial coach who is an expert at bringing out the best you have to offer – saves you time and money.

Does this mean that all my problems with disappear? Absolutely not.

But you can start creating different results armed with the tools a good coach can give you…

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