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25 May, 2011

Coach In The Spotlight – Elizabeth Lowe

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Coach In The Spotlight - Elizabeth Lowe

So what is your success story? Well mine was a personal journey. All my life I have worked hard, been focused and achieved a lot. There comes a time in your life when you think “what next”? I had come to a time where all the reasons for doing what I had always done just didn’t add up any more.

My daughter had walked into a fantastic job after Uni, my son was just heading off to Uni and I was experiencing the empty nest syndrome.

I was shocked, for I had always been a business woman, but it had always been done to give my family the life style. I loved it. Now they where doing it on their own and I thought as they no longer needed me so much I could just let it all go. How wrong was I. I lost sight and focus on “what next”.

My background is Senior Management. I have worked for large global companies as well as being self employed. I am a people’s person first and foremost. I enjoy watching others achieve. Therefore, I have always been drawn to people orientated environments. I have trained top managers and thrive on their success.

In the past 6 years, I let my heart rule my head and went into a position where I became a one man band. I realise now that I did it for all the wrong reasons. I therefore lost my way and all interest. I thought I was happy to just lead a sedate and easy life. How wrong was I.

I had looked into coaching from the beginning of the The Coaching Academy’s start up. It was similar to what I had done and I thought I would love a quick fix in getting myself on the right tracks once again. I applied for the fast track programme and although I did have some doubts, they were soon put to the back of my mind with the energy, commitment and drive of the team.

What I didn’t bank on was that life started to change around me for the better. I put this down to the new or rather the true me. I had gained my confidence and a new buzz for everything I did and towards the people I met. I qualified and I was now able to move onwards and forward. BUT first of all came that much well deserved holiday of a life time.

I booked myself on a world cruise for three months and met the most amazing people while stopping at various places around the globe. It was a trip to remember. People said I was brave, but I was having a ball. I have just arrived back, recharged, focused and ready to go. On arrival a friend commented on the new me.

My forte is training and building. I have a lot to give and offer in terms of knowledge and skills. So I have decided to go back into business and do what I’ve always enjoyed but with a new enthusiasm and twist. For if you do what you’ve always done you get what you’ve always got. I have always enjoyed what I have done and have gained a lot, I have enjoyed my life and sometimes we just need a guiding hand or to stop limiting our beliefs, to help us move on when there comes a time where we do get stuck.

I would encourage everyone to go on a coaching course, not just to become a coach but to enhance yourself and your way of life. To open us up to new ideas and potentials. To encourage you to meet like minded people as this is often the hardest one of all when we are in a rut. To give you that kick start you just needed. To make you the best at what you do and who you are. To all coaches new or old, we have so much to give and offer, get out their and spread the word.

Oh to have a world of happy, successful and positive people.

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