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15 Feb, 2011

Coach In The Spotlight – Juli Kenworthy

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Coach In The Spotlight - Juli Kenworthy

Juli Kenworthy qualified through The Coaching Academy Protégé programme and has enthusiastically agreed to share her coaching experience, so we have put her in the Coaching Hot Seat. Here is Juli’s story:-

What brought me to Coaching?

It was January 2009 and Lloyds TSB had merged with HBOS and the role I had radically changed into something that was soul destroying. Having been with Lloyds for almost 10 years I was apprehensive about moving and giving up the security I had known for so long. However as things progressed into 2009 there was no security or certainty about my role so in June that year I decided to leave. Skipping home with a light feeling in my heart reality soon hit as I opened the house door to an eerie silence – what was I going to do now?!

Having had a variety of training, learning and performance management type roles at Lloyds I went onto the internet and found The Coaching Academy free weekend starting the next day, I called and got a place and have never looked back. During that weekend I decided that this was what I had been looking for and without hesitation applied for the Protégé programme which I was accepted onto that week… and so my journey began…..

Then tell us about your journey whilst you were working hard to qualify;

I was lucky enough to be able to throw myself into the training and accelerator days as soon as I received my materials and spent the summer reading, attending weekend seminars and working out what my future looked like. The most amazing experience and one that shaped my future was Brian Maynes Goal Mapping accelerator day where the next 18 months focused every day on my colourful, challenging and exciting goal map. My goals were to have a business name, website and paying customer by the end of 2009, to have more stability in my relationship, to find a home to buy and to travel with work.

In November 2009 I had a company, website and two paying customers, in January 2010 I got married and two days later moved into my dream home and by March 2010 I had secured a 6 month contract with Merrill Lynch working with the Equity Research team in the Learning and Leadership Development team. I have so far obtained a Distinction in Personal Performance Coaching, Practitioner in NLP, Step II Thought Field Therapy accredited and my Advanced Coaching Diploma.

2010 – a year of change and challenge;

I had a wonderful 6 months with Merrill Lynch and spent the majority of my time designing a Junior Analyst development programme working with external training companies to put together a 3 month programme for the junior population. This included communication and pitching skills, MBTI and presentation skills. I also delivered a 2 day Leadership Programme for Senior Management that focused on leadership behaviours, coaching and mentoring concepts and performance management and effective feedback techniques.

I then moved to Nomura bank at the end of August to cover a role in the Global Talent team focusing on a 360 feedback project as well as performance management and promotions processes. Another great role and experience within a very different culture needing flexibility as a coach to get optimum business results.

2011 and a new challenge ahead, this year I have a 12 month contract back with Merrill Lynch with the Wealth Management Team of Financial Advisors. My role is within the Practise Management Consultancy Group who works with teams and individuals on business strategy, values and visions of the team or individual as well as one to one coaching. I have teams of Financial Advisors across Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia and this year so far have trips to Tel Aviv, Paris, Dubai, Luxembourg and Geneva before the end of April. Three weeks into the new role and my days are spent mainly on a coaching and consultancy capacity, challenging and motivating Financial Advisors with not only their business plans and key financial targets but also with their personal development, career planning and work/life balance.

So as I look forward to a year of challenge and self development I can honestly say that within just over 18 months my life has changed in the most enormous way, I love my job, the way I look and approach things in life and my general well being. This change has only been possible due to the training, learning and incredible support I have received from the Coaching Academy.

A message to others who may be considering coaching as part of their career development or indeed career change:

If I had anything to say to others who are thinking about considering pursuing a coaching career or just enhancing their own personal awareness it is simple; by being more self aware allows you to open your eyes to a wider world, as this happens opportunities and success follow. Understanding on a personal level your unique values and goals inner happiness is not far away. The Coaching Academy helps provide the tools, techniques and support to do this, but as with everything in life it really is down to you. Life is what you make it, but by having access to such great people, training and ideas with the Coaching Academy the path to success is that little bit easier to reach.

I would like to thank The Coaching Academy for all the support, guidance and professional service they have provided and continue to provide for me, it really has changed my life.

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February 16th, 2011 at 4:20 pm


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2 | Paula-Fay

February 16th, 2011 at 5:03 pm


Coach in the spotlight… hmm… I like that title. It was wonderful to read, how positive you’ve been, hence carried through with your training, and then pursued your desires. Well done, and good luck for the future.

I really want to be out there helping the youth of today.

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February 16th, 2011 at 5:32 pm


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4 | Liv Miyagawa

February 17th, 2011 at 8:27 am


It’s great to read about other coaches challenges and joys!

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