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28 Mar, 2012

Coaching Academy Trainer Ann Skidmore, Discovers the Power of a Tweet

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Coaching Academy Trainer Ann Skidmore, Discovers the Power of a Tweet

Social media is probably the biggest revolution in business right now. You don’t have to look hard to find a great example of how Twitter or Facebook has had a huge impact on a company or brand.

Massive congratulations to Coaching Academy Trainer, Ann Skidmore, who discovered just how much a simple tweet can open up several doors of opportunity.

It all started in February when the worldwide press went crazy trying to track down the outfit that Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, wore on her first solo public outing without Prince William.

The impeccably stylish Ann Skidmore had the exact same dress and sent a simple tweet to her followers saying:

Delighted to see the Duchess of Cambridge in Jesire – I have that dress and it isn’t even this season but from 2 or 3 seasons ago – Go Kate!

See the Tweet Stream:

Ann Skidmore Tweet stream

As fashion experts became more and more baffled trying to track the supplier of the dress, drawing blanks with Google, Ebay, former PRs and even ex-stockists. It was the world of social media and Ann that confirmed the dress was no longer available to purchase but was bought several years ago in Jesire.

The Royal Reporter from The Daily Express and Grazia Daily Online swiftly set up interviews with Ann and the rest, as they say, is history.

However, if that wasn’t social media success enough, following on from the mini press storm and Ann further positioning herself as an Image Coach of serious status, the heady heights of TV quickly came calling.

Ann is now a regular guest presenter on “Fashion Fixes” on the Ideal World Shopping channel.

The TV company is in the process of launching their own fashion brand: firstly clothing, then gradually additional items and accessories and of course they wanted Ann on hand to provide commentary, live, with no room for error!

It all started with a tweet so again, congratulations Ann on your social media success story. May your press and media interest continue to flourish!


Ann Skidmore and her colleague, Cliff Bashforth, are regularly on at 8pm on Thursdays. Tune into Ideal World TV on SKY 644, Freeview 22, Freesat 812, Virgin 747 or


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  • Emma-Louise Elsey: CONGRATULATIONS to The Coaching Academy! I'm a bit late to the party here, but that's wonderful news. Well done for all your hard work and dedication
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  • Harry Singha: Great shout Thanks

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