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12 Sep, 2008

Coaching Academy Trainer spotlight – Ann Skidmore

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Spotlight is on Ann Skidmore, one of The Coaching Academy’s Trainers.

I am one of The Coaching Academy’s biggest fans. I was on the very first programme in October 1999 and wrote the following about my experience:

“This has been a fabulous weekend. I have enjoyed myself immensely and couldn’t sleep last night because there was so much I wanted to think about! I know my coaching has improved 100% during the weekend.”

I am now one of the Coaching Academy’s training team and deliver programmes for the Corporate & Executive Coaching Programme and the NLP Practitioner, amongst other courses.

My favourite coaching question is: “If you were coaching yourself what coaching question would you ask yourself right now?” The question that really elicits a breakthrough or ‘aha’ moment is: “What do you already know that you want to achieve if nothing stood in your way?” Sometimes when clients get ‘stuck’, they make pictures or create sounds or feelings which inhibit them taking action. For example, one client told me he really wanted to go ice-skating with his children yet he created pictures of getting injured so he didn’t even try to learn. He had created pictures of injuries rather than pictures of enjoying skating with his children! By doing some work on creating new pictures, sounds and feelings he was on his skates and having a fabulous time.

My advice for dealing with a challenging coaching situation is: Of course not to give advice. However, when I’m mentoring a coach I share with them my own experience of facing a challenging situation. I say to myself, “Come on Ann you can handle this. It will increase your flexibility and give you even more confidence in your coaching ability.” Another way of handling it is to say, “Life only throws challenges to those who can handle them.”

My top business building tip is: Decide what type of clients you would most love to work with and then go where they go to find them and let them be excited about working with you and your coaching skills.
If you want to attract more clients, I recommend: Go where they are – my latest clients are on the golf course at my local Health and Golf complex. I don’t need to play golf – just to sit in the lovely sunny café and there they are!

My best advice for marketing your coaching business is: Get yourself seen and noticed. Deliver an event where people can experience your skills in action. People like to ‘try something before they may purchase it’.

People probably don’t know that: I used to belong to Michael Crawford’s fan club and he used to send me personally signed Christmas cards each year.

My favourite self-development book is: how can I choose just one!! I love The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey (Free Press, 1990) because it is so practical and makes great sense – we need to be effective with people and efficient with resources.Yet often companies try to be efficient with people and effective with resources. Coaching is all about effectiveness of course!

The best coaching book I have ever read is: Coaching for Performance (Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 3rd ed., 2002) by Sir John Whitmore because he was someone who inspired me over a decade ago when I was doing my Masters in NLP.

The most unusual thing I have ever done is: Power lifting – I can lift nearly twice my body weight (except just after Christmas)!

My biggest goal is to: Double my business – I am updating both of my websites to include videos, audio pieces and more free downloadable documents.

My definition of success is: To do what you love to do and you never need work again because it isn’t work, it is enjoyment and pleasure.

The thing I most love about coaching is: the small and large changes it creates in people’s lives and the privilege of being a part of that change that being a coach brings.

You can contact Ann Skidmore via the Coaching Academy,

Meet Ann on the The Coaching Academy’s “Corporate and Executive Coaching programme

2 Responses to "Coaching Academy Trainer spotlight – Ann Skidmore"

1 | Jacqueline Pigdon

November 24th, 2009 at 11:52 am


Great Article Ann!

I agree ask yourself questions all the time and when you’re doing what you love you never feel like it’s hard work!

Live Your Best Life!

Existentialist Spiritual Coach

2 | Emmy

November 24th, 2009 at 12:16 pm


Hi Ann,

How lovely to have insights into your thinking patterns; definately tips that i will try in future with my ‘challenging’ clients.

We trainee coaches only see small glimpses of the people who train us on the Accelerator Day weekends and this article really brought out the ‘real you’ and the diversity of your interests.

Food for thought indeed…..Thank you Ann.

Emmy Yeadon

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