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29 Mar, 2009

Discover 5 Steps to Energize Your Coaching Programs

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A couple of weeks back, I got a call from a previous client telling me about the bad feedback he was getting for his coaching programs. His trainees had nothing good to say about his programs and worst, more than half of these people were asking for their money back. This is the worst thing that can ever happen to you when offering coaching services. Of course, you would want to please your audience and you want them to feel that you have given them great value for their money. You can make these possible by following these 5 steps:

1. If you are offering face-to-face and phone coaching programs, it would make a huge difference if you can always wear a smile on your face. You will need to do this to make your clients see that you enjoy what you do and also to easily build rapport with them and later on, give them great learning experience.

2. Use visuals. Most people learn better if they can visualize the message that you are trying to get across. Help them out by using relevant images or illustrations during your discussion. If you are offering phone coaching programs, you can send these visual aids to your clients’ email address before you start the discussion.

3. Address your clients using their names. You can make your clients feel valued if you can address them using their first names all throughout the program. Avoid calling them ma’am or sir as sounding too formal during your coaching programs may bore these people. Calling them using their names or even their nicknames can help in breaking that thick wall that separates you from your clients.

4. Help your clients. Keep in mind that this is the main reason why your clients signed up to your programs and paid thousands of dollars. Strive to give these people everything that they need to help them out in improving the quality of their lives or to realize their goals. Don’t forget to offer additional assistance even after the program just to make sure that they have everything they need.

5. Solicit feedback. You’ll easily be able to determine the things that you need to improve on by simply soliciting feedback from your clients after each of your programs. You can send them survey through your autoresponders and encourage them to be honest. Don’t take anything personally and take each feedback seriously.

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By Sean R Mize

2 Responses to "Discover 5 Steps to Energize Your Coaching Programs"

1 | Tina Dulieu

April 5th, 2009 at 5:35 pm


Sounds to me like this person needs re-training, if indeed he was ever trained properly in the first place. I would say that this person’s clients have inappropriate or unrealistic expectations of the programmes they are signing up to. Preparation by the coach with the client for the sessions is paramount. Is the coach consulting fully with the client before coaching begins? Does the coach know what the client’s aims and objectives are and is he aware of what the client hopes to achieve as result of the coaching programme? Does the client understand what the coaching process is? Are realistic short-term goals set during the coaching sessions and are they followed through? Oh my, I could go on and on. Unfortunately it is ineffective ‘coaches’ out there that can give the profession a poor reputation!

2 | Bill

April 16th, 2009 at 12:47 pm


There is no failure, only feedback.

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