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28 Jul, 2011

Do you have Do it! or Ditch it THINKING?

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Do you have Do it! or Ditch it THINKING?

At the heart of all my businesses is a personal mission to help business owners and coaches to achieve their dreams of success. When you understand that you are in control of your own decisions, you can choose how successful you can be. Sounds easy, yes? In fact, achieving success is easier than people think. What often stands in the way of success is how people think.

My new book, Do it! or Ditch it – 8 steps from the millionaires’ mentor – turn ideas into action and make decisions that count, releases today (Virgin Books).

I am excited to share the birth-day of my first book with you. I have received many messages of congratulations from so many people and I know many of you pre ordered the book. How wonderful! Thank you so much!

Now that the book is officially released, reviews can be added to – I thank you in advance if you plan to take the time to add a review.

So, why should you buy my book above any other?

Welcome to my world of Do it! or Ditch it THINKING. We all know people who have had good ideas that have never taken off. People talk a lot about their ideas but often nothing happens. Their dream is often shrouded in ‘should, might or could.’ They may be a plan of action but the idea dies a death from indecision.

My answer to this waste of good ideas, waste of sweat equity and waste of time IS:

  • Find what you are passionate about
  • Research the market for it
  • If everything stacks up, DO IT! and do it to the very best of your ability

IF after close examination by following the 8 steps detailed in the book, you discover that everything you thought was solid actually doesn’t stack up, then Ditch it! and focus on something else.

One way or another, TAKE ACTION to validate the idea before you leap.

Do it! or Ditch it thinking is a positive mindset for clear business decision-making, where everything is possible. It all depends on how far you want to go with your dreams and plans.

My mantra is: Decisions lead to action.

Action propels us forward, brings about change, and delivers results.

Yet success in the long-term depends on the impact of the decisions that you make each and every day.

The 8 steps are:

WHAT is the big idea?
WHY is your idea important?
WHERE are you heading?
WHO do you need to help you deliver?
HOW will you achieve your goal?
HOW MUCH will it cost? Is it profitable?
WHEN will you see results?
DO IT! or DITCH IT – keep reviewing it

For those with the resilience and tenacity to turn their business dream into a commercial reality, developing a Do it! or Ditch it mindset will help you make focused decisions, use time wisely and stay on track to get you where you want to be.

You can apply the methodology to any decision, not just a business related one.

Do it! or Ditch it – 8 steps to business success from the millionaires mentor, Bev James – turn ideas into action and make decisions that count, released by Virgin Books today.

Sign up for the Daily Do Its – inspirational tips and quotes, via and you can access FREE download resources which support coaching yourself Do it! or Ditch it style with the book.

Be successful. Make a decision to make a decision.

Bev James

Bev James

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