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17 Aug, 2010

Finding Your Coaching Niche – Why is it Important?

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Finding your Coaching Niche

If you find people glazing over at networking events when you tell them “I’m a coach“, you haven’t found your coaching niche. When you find it, and you tell people what you do, their eyes will light up and they’ll say “That’s me! I need some of that!” or at least “I know someone else who needs some of that!”. And you’ll get work as a result.

Many coaches have heard of the benefits of clearly defining their coaching niche, and yet so many are afraid to narrow down the group of people they work with, for fear of losing potential work. Well here are 4 good reasons why defining your niche will get you more, not less work.:

1. If you want clients, you need a marketing strategy. This means you need to build relationships with potential clients, and if you try to appeal to everybody, you’ll appeal to no one. Once you identify the group of people you want to work with, and the problems they have, they’ll say “that’s me!” when they hear you talk, or see your marketing material. And you’ve taken the first step in building the relationship.

2.  You want potential clients to take action after they read your website, or other marketing material. If you can demonstrate you’re an expert in their problem, they’re far more likely to answer your call to action if they feel you are the best person to help them. You can’t be an expert in everything, choose your niche area and become “the xxx coach”

3. If you know who you want to attract, you can start to go where they go, and this means you can find out what their problems are, and start to provide solutions that they need, NOT what you think they want ( a common mistake made by so many coaches).

4. Once you define your niche, do some research and check it’s a viable one: if you get this right then marketing becomes easy. And who doesn’t want that?

There are so many good reasons to define your coaching niche and not a single one I can think of not to. So have a brainstorm, get some ideas down on paper, and make the decision to decide on yours.

By Nic Bird

5 Responses to "Finding Your Coaching Niche – Why is it Important?"

1 | Oma Edoja

August 17th, 2010 at 7:42 pm


I totally agree that a niche is necessary to build a stable and successful coaching business. I started off as a generalist coach getting some “glances” at my website but nothing much in the way of clients. Everyone said my articles, blog and website looked “interesting” but no one seemed to “get” how I could help them. Things changed drastically when I did my market research and niched as a client-attraction coach, helping women small business owners attract their ideal clients, and higher paying clients. Now people say, “What? Please give me your phone number!” Or, “Let’s arrange a meeting!” Niching is the way to go for a successful coaching business. I know from experience!

2 | Margaret Hazle

August 18th, 2010 at 10:59 am


Section three – ‘start to provide solutions that they need’ sounds a little bit directive and it is maybe not what you intended. Thanks for the nudge though, yeah I agree, it is right and good to be an excellent coach in your chosen field.
Thanks for the posting – it keeps the topic and thought process going in those who have not already secured their niche!

3 | Rhonda Hess

August 18th, 2010 at 6:28 pm


So true, Nic. Standing out in the crowd and becoming the top-of-mind resource for a narrow market of people makes the difference between merely surviving in your coaching business and thriving — doing soul-satisfying work and making a great living.

It’s important to distinguish between our toolbox (all the great coaching skills and tools we use with clients) with what engages people to invest in their own personal and professional development.

People don’t invest in coaching, they invest in themselves and the outcomes they most want.

So when Nic talks about providing solutions it’s not about hijacking the clients agenda or advising necessarily, but rather showing people in the niche market that what they most want can be attained through your services. Then they hire you and you use your toolbox to help them get where they want to go!

4 | Jon Daniels

August 27th, 2010 at 8:12 am


Getting your niche pinned down makes such a big difference to getting more clients. When you stop trying to appeal to everyone, which just waters your expertise down, and start appealing to a specific person, your marketing becomes easier, your selling process becomes easier and the quality of your clients and results improves as you can be a lot more focused on what your clients are looking to achieve by working with you specifically.

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February 2nd, 2012 at 1:31 pm


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