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03 Jul, 2012

Five Ways To Delegate So It’s Done Properly

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Five Ways To Delegate So It’s Done Properly

Are you finding that you are becoming too busy? Delegation is and extremely effective agreement that works amazingly when done properly. Here are our five ways to delegate so it’s done properly:

1. Be specific. Make sure you are thorough and clear in explaining what needs to be done and by when, check if they have any questions and then let them get going.

2. Explain why they are the right person. Share what skills they bring to the task, how this fits with other activities and the possible opportunities for them.

3. Start small. If you are in doubt and don’t completely trust them, start by delegating small tasks and see what happens.

4. Think long term. If you find yourself thinking , ‘it’ll be quicker if I do it myself’, remind yourself how much quicker they will do it the next time and the next time.

5. Remember anyone can delegate. If you are not sure it’s your place to delegate, remember it’s an agreement between two people of who does what. The other person may really enjoy the task.

2 Responses to "Five Ways To Delegate So It’s Done Properly"

1 | Lynne

July 4th, 2012 at 8:33 am


Work delegation is really a good idea for us to be able to focus and have more time in more important things. Delegating is not a an easy thing to do also. We must be very careful to choose the right person to do the little part of our job. The important thing is, don’t expect that the person you trust to help you will work exactly like you.

2 | Tony Ghiradello

July 7th, 2012 at 9:29 am


As a project manager for 12 years delegation was an essential element for me. What worked best for me was ensuring that the person responsible for completing the task was aware of:
the task’s importance in the overall plan;
the whole team’s reliance on and trust for that person;
the whole team’s awareness of the specific skills, and relevant past successes, that person brings;
ensuring an adequate communication and support system if obstacles were encountered;
the whole team was kept upto date with the progress and eventual success of that task.

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