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23 Oct, 2008

Fix The Holes In Your Marketing Funnel

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Marketing FunnelIs your Marketing Funnel leaking? Entrepreneur, author and business advisor Milana Leshinsky reveals how to identify and fix the holes in your Marketing Funnel.

Every coaching business has a Marketing Funnel. The smoother your funnel runs, the more efficient and successful your business is. Here is an example of how your funnel may look:

Notice that there are three levels – free, paid and well paid. Many coaches skip the ‘paid’ level entirely, and try to sell their high-ticket items (coaching) to those who just requested free information. Other coaches don’t have the ‘free’ level in place, and wonder why their lead generation doesn’t work well.

You may have gaps or ‘holes’ on any of three levels. See if you can spot any ‘holes’ in your funnel:

On ‘Free’ Level:

Signature at the bottom of your articles isn’t effective enough. It talks about you instead of your giveaway or an exciting feature on your website.

You’re submitting your articles to places irrelevant to your business. Instead of, or in addition to, generic article directories, be sure to submit to handpicked highly targeted newsletters and websites.
Article topics are not quite relevant to your target audience or to your products. Don’t write about your trip to Thailand and expect prospects to contact you about coaching. This rarely happens.

You’re not capturing traffic from your website. Be sure to have a mechanism to ask for your visitors’ contact information, or you lose many potential customers.

Your free giveaway on the website isn’t enticing or relevant enough. Make sure your freebie is worth at least £10 if they were to buy it.

You’re not following up with people who request free information. Use auto responders to send out a sequence of lessons, tips or articles.

Your follow-up messages have no call to action. Be sure to invite people back to your website, check out a product, sign up for a teleseminar, or enrol into a coaching programme.

Newsletter is not doing its job at bonding with your readers and developing a long-lasting relationship.
Your website isn’t content rich to generate outside links and referrals. Add more articles and resources to fix this ‘hole’.

On ‘Paid’ Level:

Too many product offers on your website dilutes the focus and overwhelms the potential buyer.
Ineffective text copy on your website may cost you a sale every time.

No enticing bonuses for your products to increase the chance of a quick and easy sale from an excited customer.

Pricing problems – too high or too low. Test different price points and check out what competition charges.

On ‘Well-Paid’ Level:

Ineffective or no follow-up with customers who purchase your products. They may not even be aware that you’re offering coaching and other services.

Too many different coaching programmes and options confuse and overwhelm potential clients. Choose one or two main coaching options and focus your coaching page on it. List other options on a different page for those who’re interested.

Ineffective or too short sales copy for the coaching programmes or services. Remember, the higher the price, the longer your sales letter should be.

Coaching fees too high or too low. Ask your clients or customers what they think you should be charging, and check out your competition.

Wrong target market, no money for high-ticket items. This one will cause your revenue to stay low no matter what else you do.

Spotted any ‘holes’ in your marketing process? My recommendation is to fix them one at a time and test for at least a week. Otherwise, you won’t know which fix ‘magically’ worked

Milana Leshinsky, entrepreneur and business advisor, you can visit her site here:

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