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Free DISC Personality Assessment now available for you!

I was first introduced to DISC Personality Profiling more than 15 years ago and immediately recognised the power of this incredible assessment tool. I trained to be a DISC practitioner and went on to become a DISC European Master Trainer.

DISC can be used to identify :

  • Motivational drivers
  • Preferred environments
  • Goal setting strategies
  • How an individual may set out to achieve goals
  • Decision making strategies (and sometimes why people decide not to decide)
  • How an individual likes to be communicated with
  • How an individual prefers to communicate with others
  • Greatest fears
  • Possible challenge areas

To enjoy your FREE DISC Assessment, all you have to do is  register by clicking the “Download” button below:

Download your FREE DISC Assessment

You will see that PeopleKeys® delivers the DISC profile that will help you get started and I am delighted to work with them to give you this FREE online assessment which will only take you a few minutes to complete.

If you want to then take the more in-depth personality profile assessment, PeopleKeys® have made this available to you for just £19 (normally £35) as part of the Resources Toolkit which support my new book Do it! or Ditch it 8 steps from the millionaires’ mentor – turn ideas into action and make decisions that count, Virgin Books.

Whilst you are on my site, why not sign up to receive my motivational Daily Do Its. Click the "Sign Up" button below:

Whilst you are on my site, why not sign up to receive my  motivational Daily Do Its. Click the "Sign Up" button below:

“Bev James and our company have a rich history in helping entrepreneurs reach their potential. Bev is an authority on the application of DISC and its use in business, sales, and interpersonal relationships and we have been honored to support her expertise. We cherish the past and look forward to a continued partnership.”Brad Myers (CEO, PeopleKeys®) and Deanna Miller (Operations Manager, PeopleKeys®)

Bev James
Bev James

2 Responses to "Free DISC Personality Assessment now available for you!"

1 | haydenseek

August 27th, 2011 at 8:18 am


I must try this! I think Teamwork is very important because within organizations, all departments and divisions are interrelated and a smooth coordination between every aspect of an organization is critical to its success.

2 | lexorkathy

September 6th, 2011 at 6:33 am


DiSC Profiling is really helpful, The blog was very informative. I can use this on how I will deal on individual in our organizations. As we all know communication is needed in working with others. That was one of the key to success even success in relationship with others. Thank you.

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