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20 Aug, 2008

Goal Setting – How To Achieve Your Wildest Dreams!

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Do you want to make 2008 your very best year yet? Darren Hardy, the multi-millionaire Publisher and Editorial Director of American Success magazine, shares the Magic Factor of Goal Setting… the secret ingredient that ensures your goals become your new reality.

A lot is written and taught on the subject of goal setting. The process doesn’t have to be as complex, all consuming or as mysterious as is led to be believed.

The one discipline most responsible for the abundance in my life is learning how to set, stick to and achieve well designed goals. Something almost magical happens when you organise and focus your creative power on a well-defined target.

I have studied and practiced goal setting over two decades. Starting at 18 years old, I set a series of goals: to be earning a six-figure income by age 19, $1 million (about £493,000) a year by age 24 and to become a self-made millionaire by age 27. Every one of those goals and many others along the way were realised on that exact timeline. I am a believer!

Every New Year’s Day, I challenge myself with some physical feat and at the end I spend an extended period of time going through my annual goal development process.

Goal setting is not just an act of making a list. The correct process ignites your creative power and properly attunes your subconscious magnet to draw the ideas, resources and circumstances that align with your identified purpose.

In a moment I’ll reveal the most important factor in goal setting… but now I’d like you to decide what your Top 10 Goals are…

Below are seven areas of life. In each category write out what you would like to become, accomplish, have or do. Again, if anything were possible what would you aspire to? If a genie popped out of a lamp and could grant you 10 wishes in every one of these categories, what would you write down? Don’t filter or qualify as you write. There will be plenty of time to separate out the outrageous and absurd. For the exercise just write what you would ask for if anything was possible in the following categories:

1. Professional
2. Financial
3. Physical
4. Mental
5. Family
6. Spiritual
7. Lifestyle

Top 10

Narrow your goals down to your Top 10 overall goals and set deadlines to accomplish them: You think, act, and react with urgency and with appropriate energy defined by the task. Deadlines create a challenge and you respond to the challenge.

Top 3

From the list of 10, choose your Top 3 goals.

1. Break down into small steps – E.g. – Run a marathon – think of the first five miles, then the next three, etc. Write a 500 page book – five days a week for two years; one paragraph every two hours; one line every 15 minutes; one word every three minutes.

2. Other actions to support the main goal – What actions will you take to reinforce these values/goals each month, week, and day?

3. Determine if they are S.M.A.R.T. goals. S- Specific, M- Measurable, A- Attainable, R- Realistic, T- Time sensitive.

Now, get ready to learn the Magic Factor for achieving any wild ambition you ever set your mind to.

The Magic Factor: Turning goal setting into goal achieving

This is the greatest discovery I have made in how goals are achieved rather than just conceived. Goal setting has a tendency to be the writing of a wish list. Once the list is written then it is expected that some mystical and magical process takes over and all you have to do is sit around and wait – not so. When detailing your goals, I have found that you cannot want to DO something or HAVE anything; you can only BECOME what is necessary to attract what you desire.

The YOU Factor

YOU are what needs to be worked on, not your goal. This is the most important personal development distinction you can realise. The issue is not IT (health, marriage, money, career, etc.), the issue is YOU. It will only be as great as you are. If you work on IT, it will continue to elude you. If you work on you, it will rise to the level of the new you.

This is why 90% of the people who have won an extraordinary amount of money in the lottery end up losing it all and end up about where they were before they came into the windfall. Subconsciously, the ‘You’ part of them was uncomfortable with the disproportionate inequality of money-to-you ratio so it did all it could to sabotage the inequity until it ultimately got back to equal.

This is also why people who make a goal of losing a bunch of weight through dieting then actually end up going back to the same weight they started from. Why? Because in the end, the weight was not the source of the problem, only the effect. If you work on the effect (goal), over time it will ultimately find its way back equal to the cause – how you feel about yourself, your personal philosophy and attitude about what you feel you are capable and worthy of.

Freaky huh? That’s how it works. You can only have, be or do what is in equality to what you feel you are worthy of, deserve or have in character.

Now, here is the magic… Work on improving the YOU in this equation and every effect (money, career, relationships, health, etc.) will grow in equality to the new proportion of YOU.

“Focus on improving you… and everything will improve for you.”

So here is what to do to transform goal setting into goal achieving.

Take each of your Top 10 goals and ask yourself:

• Who do I have to become to achieve this?

• What actions would this type of person take?

Repeat this process with:

• Who do I want to be in my career/ business?

• Who do I want to be in my family?

• Who do I want to be with my friends?

• Who do I want to be in my community, my health and most important, who do I want to be to myself?

We do not attract what we want, we attract WHO WE ARE. The world (and your goals) will meet you where you are. Focus on improving you – your attitudes, skills and philosophies and everything will improve for you.

Focus on improving you… and everything will improve for you.

All the planning, pondering and philosophising alone won’t produce your desired results. All the affirmations, chanting, positive thinking, and the rubbing of crystals won’t materialise your goals. Committed, disciplined and sustained action is the final ingredient in the miracle process of materialising any achievement you can conceive.

Now that you have decided what you want and who you have to become to achieve your goals, you must now strike while the iron is hot. The time to begin is when the emotion is high and intentions are strong.

Focus on improving you… and everything will improve for you.

So do not delay, decide what you can do now. Within the next 24-48 hours, what will you do to put at least one of your goals into action? You will create momentum by taking action now. What one step will you take in the next 24-48 hours?

Focus on improving you… and everything will improve for you.

Identify what you need to do over the next 30 days to put some of your goals into action. What will you do?

You now have the formula to achieve any outrageous and ambitious dream you can conceive.

“Just Do It” – Nike

Really do it, do not procrastinate for one more minute! Seize the amazing potential that lies dormant inside you; dust off the dreams that have been given to you as your purpose.

Make this year the year you really turn it on; the year you plant the flag in your life and shout to the world, ‘THIS is WHO I AM’ and let the world pause and take notice. From this day forward your life shall be one of movement toward greatness and toward extraordinary accomplishment. Let your 2008 achievements be an inspiration and a testimony to others of what’s possible when you focus your creative intentions on a worthy ideal. Light the path for others to follow with the torch of your example.

The original, unabridged version of this article is available at Darren Hardy’s site Pulse which you can find at

Darren Hardy is the Publisher and Editorial Director for the US-based SUCCESS Magazine (whose previous Publishers/Editors include Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone and Og Mandino). For more information, please visit:

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1 | Goal Mapping by Brian Mayne - Coaching Blog

September 17th, 2008 at 2:13 pm


[...] It’s now time to create pictures of your written statements. This is essential in order to stimulate your right brain and thereby impress your goal on your subconscious. Drawing is the language of the right brain; it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece and so stick men or symbols will do. Do use as much colour as possible as this is another right-brain stimulant. Place your number one goal-picture in the centre of the page about two thirds up from the bottom. Draw a circle around it, with branches at either side, connecting to pictures of your other goals. [...]

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