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How To Find Quality Coaching Clients

Most coaches, consultants or freelancers are involved in the hungry, needy, merry-go-round of meetings, networking, social networking to secure what they believe are quality prospects for possible lucrative coaching contracts.

However, it may pay you well to DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what the general marketplace is doing.

In fact, the grandfather of personal development and self-help, Earl Nightingale said that if you can’t find a good role model for doing what you want to do, look around at what the majority are doing, and don’t do it – do the opposite! Because the majority means mediocrity. We think Earl was on to something!

For most coaches, the ultimate brochure, business card, advertisement, promotional document, they could ever own, is – to BE their BEST CLIENT! And then, to deliver their unique style of coaching at every opportune moment.

Let’s take these two ideas and turn them into practical, workable tools you can take into the marketplace, instantly.

Being Your Own Best Client

You’ve probably noticed the big worldwide shift towards, Life Coaching, Life Balance and Coaching in all its forms. In fact, you may already know that the profession itself is one of the fastest-moving professions in the world.

However, many of the very people who promote and stomp their feet about life change are themselves in a chaotic and disorganised mess! Not all. Many.

But look, whether they are in a mess or not, the whole idea of life balance should strike a powerful chord for you – especially if you’re looking to bag yourself a good number of fee-paying clients.

Here’s why.

There are a high number of coaches, consultants and mentors who are focused on the ‘I’ve got to MAKE THIS BUSINESS WORK, COME HELL OR HIGH WATER’ that, they’ve missed the boat entirely.

Whilst they’re busy buying into the idea that sacrificing all else in order to pursue their most cherished want, they’re leaving a trail of chaos for all to see, especially their prospective clients!

  • What kind of catastrophic trail are we talking about?
  • A body so out-of-shape that a person will soon really detest themselves…
  • So neck-deep in personal and business debt, with no attempt to come out and cure it.
  • Involved in loveless personal relationships which are heading down the sewer with no way out…
  • Mental disharmony because the mind being strewn all over the place like a berserk orangutan…

Engaging in lifeless, lethargic language and communication making social interaction a chore and bore for others…

Do you feel you’re heading towards your own version of the above?

Well, if you’re looking for a goodly number of fee paying clients, here’s the big secret: FIX YOURSELF FIRST!

You see, very rarely does an award or qualification bring you success.

You have to DO something in order to bring it to life. Being your own good example of living a life in balance is the biggest testimonial, the biggest message of value you can send out in to the marketplace.

For, not only will you have that inner confidence and steely conviction, you’ll have a practical, experiential voice to speak from. There’s nothing worse than spluttering and faking it inside about wanting to help others when we ourselves are in the driving seat of our own lunatic life.

On the other hand, there’s a magic that happens when the pieces of our own life start falling into place for others to see. It’s best to lead by example and doing, rather than theory and mere words.

So, what should you be committed to in order to turn your own life into a role model?

Well, we’d suggest that there are seven commitments you should guard and treasure with your life. And, if you follow them and make them part of your daily regime, your daily curriculum of living, you can’t help but draw to you those type of clients who’ll love to have you coach them to fabulous success.

Make it a daily practice to be committed to:

1. your mind

2. action

3. responsibility

4. energy

5. friends and family

6. career and business goals

7. wealth

If you truly make it daily practice to absorb these seven commitments into your life, you’ll create a life that’s example-led. And, you’ll be so on-track, so focussed, so dedicated to your own life and your own work that people can’t help be drawn to you and what you stand for.

And that’s a beautiful moment when it happens. For then you’ll know that there’s no need for all that demoralising, convincing, persuading and selling of your services. It’ll happen because of who you are and what you do.

Yes, effective marketing material is important. However, you’ll find that you won’t be doing it the same way everyone else does. There won’t be that dry-mouth desperation for business. You see, you’ll be creating a distinction. That is a compelling advantage that’ll set you apart in the marketplace based on what you are doing in your own life.

It’s a refreshing way to go about promoting your services; by taking full and complete ownership and responsibility of your life. And it can happen for you in an instant.

The problem happens when we think about things for too long. We let our own head dissipate the power of our intentions. It’s the timeframe we give ourselves to change, that’s where the problem is.

You see, when we really think about it, the decision to do anything, happens in a split second – it’s the thinking time which is what causes the agony.

Go ahead and take those seven commitments to heart and let them weave their magic. For in a few weeks time you won’t believe what it will do to you and how you’ll see yourself.

Plus you’ll get a different feel and vibration from the marketplace towards you and what you can do to help them. I think you’ll find it exciting.

Moment-By-Moment Coaching

And once you HAVE mastered your own life, or are taking great strides to do so, you’ll see a natural, attractive force taking shape. The FORCE of YOU!

Your own confidence in your life starts to exude a spark of electricity with everyone you come into contact with, in every email you write, in every conversation you have. In those daily ‘conversations’, you’ll see that the natural way to make others feel at ease, is to ask warm, non-threatening though bold, fearless and direct questions.

Those questions are NOT to be about you, your practice, your skills, your abilities – your job is to serve others. To listen with intent like you’ve never listened before.

If through your simple, non-threatening dialogue, you just GIVE, SERVE and SHARE in helping others with what’s important in THEIR lives, people will be drawn to you even more.

You’ll find that there’s an irresistible nature to you and what you stand for. People can’t but help be involved in a conversation with you. And, because coaching is such a personal profession, don’t feel that things need to happen there and then in terms of securing a business or personal coaching client.

However, through an ongoing dialogue, a continuing conversation, you’ll see that through this process., and the ‘be your own client’ outlined above, you’ll be drawing prospective, fee paying clients in to your life like never before.

9 Responses to "How To Find Quality Coaching Clients"

1 | Michelle Sherlock

February 23rd, 2012 at 11:15 pm


I agree that as coaches we are our own advertisement as any professional services provider is. I do think though there is room for us to be unique. I don’t think however that we should wait until we are perfect to pursue our dreams, follow our passion and achieve our goals – and neither should our clients – as that day will never come in our own lifetime. I think someone who appears perfect is potentially intimidating and lacks authenticity so its is a fine balance between becoming more of what we advocate and staying real. We do need to take regular steps to improve our live, our sense of balance and create the life and lifestyle we want. In doing that we are a role model to our clients.

2 | Saira Bohan-Croft

February 24th, 2012 at 9:48 am


What a great article and the authenticity behind the article
lines up with my own belief system. You get back what you give out. Saira

3 | Joseph Smart

February 24th, 2012 at 10:00 am


This is a fantastic read and I whole heartily subscribe to all the key points. I have reminded of Habit 5 from Stephen Covey ‘Seek first to understand, then be understood. This is could be adapted too ‘Seek first to develop yourself, before you develop others.

4 | Wendy Carey

February 24th, 2012 at 6:58 pm


This is a great article as authenticity is really important. It is important to like yourself in order to help others. I am completing my NLP via the coaching academy and it clear to me how important your state of mind is when you want to be successful.

5 | Elle-Louise Howe

February 27th, 2012 at 5:05 pm


This is one of the best coaching articles I’ve come across. It really is about walking the walk, not just talking the talk, as the saying goes.

Whilst we don’t have to be perfect before we start pursuing our dreams, we do need to be in a state in which we are fit to coach. That way, not only do we attract the best clients, we also add value to their sessions by being a pure light of clarity, illuminating the dark places wthin the client in which change needs to happen and guiding them along their journey by being that constant beacon of light.

The Japanese refer to this as ‘polishing your inner diamond’ so we may be strong & bright and help others the very best we can by being the very best we can be.

6 | Stephanie Langevin

March 1st, 2012 at 10:13 am


Thank you so much for this post. It came to me at the right time. Thank you for your very valuable insights. I will keep your post preciously and will share it with others.

7 | Petra

March 2nd, 2012 at 2:34 pm


Totally agree. We can’t be good in helping others if our own lives are in a mess. And it’s harder to get clients because it’s hard for them to believe we can help them with their issues, if we haven’t been able to do the same for ourselves.

8 | Andrea Beed

March 8th, 2012 at 2:16 pm


This article completely hits ‘the spot’ for me. Interestingly just before reading it I wrote some positive self – beliefs down to ‘ground’ myself, before starting a new project. The article completely encapsulates what I needed to focus on. Interestingly too I emphasized the point in a Presentation not so long ago about how precious the mind is, and how we all have to look after ours.
By the way I loved the phrase Elle-Louise Howe quoted – the Japanese saying ‘polishing your inner diamond’ – this to me is the ultimate aim for Coaches and Clients. Thanks for sharing this Elle-Louise. Also thanks to The Academy and author for posting the article.

9 | Ankhara

July 10th, 2012 at 5:07 pm


Another great to the point article – something I know but don’t always follow through on. When I did the 2 day free course it was something that Bev said which again it has taken me a couple of years to absorb. Coaching is very personal so don’t expect strangers to rush to work with you! Promote your services in a gentle way to those who know you. Those who don’t want your services will pass them on to those who do out of love and care for you because of who you are and we all know those heart-felt referrals are the most powerful of all. I also need reminding from time to time that all the resources we could ever need are always just under our noses if we have the eyes to see and the heart to feel what the universe is trying to gift us.

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