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08 Mar, 2009

How to Think Big

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Coaching Blog Think BigMost people think too small. They chase small rewards, and that’s what they get, small rewards. Donald Trump has been quoted as saying that it’s a good thing most people think small, because that leaves the big stuff for him. "If you’re going to think at all, you might as well think big", says the Donald.

How do you think big? Rather than say, "I plan to release a one hour audio", you could say, "I plan to release a series of excellent audio programs which will be a must have in my industry."

A good idea is to think in broader terms. You can take a job where you do one little thing all day, or you can prepare a business that will serve many, either through automation or more employees, or both. If you can add more value to your product or service than anyone else, and effectively serve more people than anyone else, wealth and success will follow.

Solving bigger problems leads to massive success. I used to work with a guy who worried way too much about tiny problems and issues at work. When he wasn’t doing that, he was proposing to the company things that would not make money or add to the bottom line at all. When you think about solving a problem, think in terms of the World, or your country, or your industry, or a whole demographic, etc. Solve a big problem and sell your service to people who have that problem. Then get to work making a business plan and finding investors. Make sure your services are seen as superior and worth the price paid by your customers. If the world thinks your products or services solve their problems, you have succeeded on a big scale.

Associate with people who think big. Work for a company that is trying to make it big, by solving big problems. Start or join a mastermind made up of people who have serious ambition. Enjoy some coffee with those studious and ambitious business majors at school.

Piggy back on the back of an entrepreneur by working as an assistant, or at least follow his/her books, articles, corporate web site, and blog. This will give you some insight as to where that entrepreneur is going and where your industry is headed. You could invest in the company (or fund) that your role model entrepreneur is running. You are more likely to follow it if you own some of it.

When you make decisions regarding your success in business and life, ask yourself questions like: how will this increase the bottom line of my business? Am I taking a big enough project? Is the time requirement worth the reward? Will this help me take on bigger projects in the future? Can I take this company public? Can I expand this business internationally? Am I managing enough risk? You get the idea, think big.

In conclusion, make sure you are working hard enough on the things that matter the most, and be sure to always follow through when it comes to your customers.

By David K Drews. David runs – a site that will get you started thinking big, and preparing for a dream retirement. The best books and audio programs for people who think big are featured in the bookstore.

1 Response to "How to Think Big"

1 | Jacqueline Pigdon

March 12th, 2009 at 12:07 pm


I agree to thinking big and help our clients reach their dreams. However also to ensure they are taking action in the now, enjoying the journey along the way while keeping an eye on their direction. It’s so important to measure results, be flexible, get over the obstacles that get in the way and have the right goals set for you in the first place.

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