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22 Jul, 2009

I Coached My Corporate Clients Through Upheaval To Success

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‘I have recently been coaching a number of senior and middle managers in a primary care trust undergoing massive organisational change, with three organisations merging into one, people applying for their own jobs and not getting them, and a real de-moralised air about the place.

‘It’s interesting that highly able and usually confident people’s pervading thoughts were “I won’t get a job” or “What if I don’t get a job?” and certainly lots of doubts about their own knowledge and skills. These thoughts and their impact creep through the organisation and its people like grey smoke, hiding people’s talents from themselves and blinding them to their own potential.

‘Recently I worked with a middle manager who was an experienced nurse and service development facilitator. She came to me unable to tell me about her strengths: it was as if they had curled away from her in the grey smoke of the organisation…

‘I spent the first three sessions marvelling at what this hard working woman had done in the past, and blown away by the effects the organisation’s current difficulties had on her being able to see her past achievements.

‘The sessions built up around her self-esteem and really defining what exactly she wanted to do, not what she thought she could do given the organisational restrictions, but what she REALLY wanted to do. We worked through her strengths and what resources she needed, we worked on celebrating the good things people said about her as she had forgotten how to hear them and she explored her dreams and ambitions, without restriction and the “what ifs”.

‘After four sessions she had a CV that shone with her achievements, at her fifth session she had applied for a job in another NHS body that she had never thought of applying to, with one thought in mind: “They are looking for me… They ARE looking for me…”

This evening I am going to her leaving party! She got the job, she realised her true worth and her potential… She shines.

‘What did I learn?

‘I learned that as soon as you can help someone see just a glimmer through that grey “smoke” of self-doubt and restriction, they can start to tear it away themselves. I learned that the grey smoke in organisations undergoing difficulties is made up of the stories people tell themselves and the ones they tell each other, it’s made up of fear of change and fear of being good enough, it contains sense of loss and sadness, and it is generated and kept alive through the life vibrations, breath and inner core of the people’s worry and suffering.

‘I also learned that standing alongside someone while they pull the smoke away from themselves starts to disperse it for others, they can see glimmers too, to be a coach working alongside a person while they journey past and through the smoke is one of THE MOST rewarding things one human being can do for another.’

By Christine McLean

2 Responses to "I Coached My Corporate Clients Through Upheaval To Success"

1 | Velma

July 24th, 2009 at 1:08 pm


Thanks for sharing this success story. I am just beginning the corporate Diploma which seems like a huge mountain to climb. Hearing how you made such a difference to hard working woman’s life inspires me!

well done, keep going!

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”


2 | Evette

December 3rd, 2011 at 3:47 am


This is truly great Christine! I am so happy for you. These experiences that came into our lives makes us a better person. Corporate coaching is one great thing to share to other people what coaches made to become successful. More success!

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