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12 Jan, 2010

Trainer In The Spotlight – Damian Culhane

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In The Spotlight  - Damian CulhaneI am The Coaching Academy’s Trainer on the FREE Certificate in Personal Coaching 2 Day course.

My favourite coaching question is When will you be taking this action?

The question that often elicits a breakthrough or ‘aha’ moment is…

  1. What will happen if you do take this action?
  2. What will not happen if you do take this action?
  3. What will happen if you do not take this action?
  4. What will not happen if you do not take this action?

For example (A real life example of a coaching session where a question, a series of questions, a process or an exercise resulted in a deep insight, or personal transformation – please do not give a client’s real name or anything which could identify them in any way)

If your client ever gets stuck or struggles with their options, my advice for dealing with this particular challenging coaching situation is ask what else the client could/can/will do?  Or, ask them what would they suggest to their best friend if they were in the same situation?

My own business is partly skills based training and 1-2-1 performance coaching.  Started in 2005 I primarily work with businesses and charitable organisations.
I spend 12 hours a week coaching individuals and teams.  The rest of my time is spent skills training, public speaking engagements, writing, networking & meeting clients.

I usually market myself in 6-12 sessions and mostly deliver whole days of either coaching or delivery of training.

My top business building tip is attend regular networking events to build your database of contacts.  This will help you grow your business and gain credibility with the local business community.

If you want to attract more clients, I recommend building your database and being open to joint ventures.

My best advice for marketing your coaching business is to offer something different than the competition and always deliver more than you charge for!

People probably don’t know that I have a disabled son who has a muscle wasting disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  I am actively involved in several charitable organisations and lobby 10 Downing Street/Houses of Parliament to obtain funding for medical research for my sons condition.

My favourite self-development book is Who Moved My Cheese because it is a cool reminder about the affects of change, why it’s so important to embrace change and what happens if you don’t change! (it’s also easy to read and I regularly pick it up and read it cover-to-cover).  I’ve also bought lots of copies as I regularly give it away to clients…

The best coaching book I have ever read is Be Your Own Life Coach by Fiona Harrold.  Because – like the above book – I regularly read chunks and extracts from the book for reminders and enjoy Fiona’s style.

The most inspiring speaker I have ever heard is Dr John DeMartini – he is mesmerising and a pleasure to watch as a public speaker. 

If I was alone on a desert island, I would need to have (three luxuries that don’t include family members, pets or friends) with me

  1. Ipod – full of personal development CD’s and favourite music.
  2. A Bike!  Anything with 2 wheels.
  3. Nintendo DS Lite with loads of brain games & electronic books loaded.

My favourite place in the world is Bruges because it has a vibrant and diverse culture, with fantastic architecture – plus there’s lots of chocolate and beer!

The most unusual thing I have ever done is plunged into a freezing lake in Finland wearing trunks (and a pair of socks to prevent my feet sticking to the snow/ice), when the outside temperature was -20.

One current goal is to cycle 135 miles from Whitehaven to Sunderland (West Coast to East Coast of England), to raise £10,000 to buy my son a new electric wheelchair.

My definition of success is doing what I love and loving what I’m doing!

The thing I most love about coaching is enabling people to access their wisdom and use their inner resources to improve their performance.

By Damian Culhane

5 Responses to "Trainer In The Spotlight – Damian Culhane"

1 | Sara Matchett

January 13th, 2010 at 8:53 pm


Best of luck with the coast to coast cycle. I hope you are wiating until the snow is gone!

2 | Annette Benigni

January 14th, 2010 at 9:50 am


Thank you. Your article just inspired me to develop my skills!

3 | Laura Witjens-Spoelstra

January 15th, 2010 at 1:49 pm


Hi Damian

Great to see you doing so well and inspiring many people. We did a training weekend/day together many moons ago and you are one the people I can still remember.

Keep inspiring and motivating people; you are born to do it!

All the best
Laura Witjens (then possibly still called Spoelstra)

4 | Gina Ashun Bello

January 15th, 2010 at 10:00 pm


You are good at what you do,and have a way of making going through life seem like a walk in the park. You actually inspired me at the free coaching course, and that is where i conceived the idea of having a motivational blog. Kudos!

5 | Jacqueline Pigdon

January 17th, 2010 at 4:11 am


Great definition of success!!

I love providing spiritual insights and opening up new ways of thinking for people to be able to solve their life challenges some that have been there for years and years!

To request a complementary coaching session with me to help you in your life, career or new coaching business simple click on the below link:

Live Your Best Life,
Existentialist Spiritual Coach

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