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09 Dec, 2008

Increase Your Attention Span To Solve Problems

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New Generation

Today, the newest generation that is growing up has an attention span of a gnat. We all know this is true if we watch them fiddle with their thumbs doing instant messaging and the rapid pace at which they send out e-mails or surf the Internet. A mind with such a short attention span will still need to solve complex problems and study all the details in order to come to the right conclusions.

Will they be able to handle that which confronts their future? The answer is most likely no, as it takes a strong brain with a good attention span to research things very carefully. If this current generation is going to be running the world and they have a short attention span, then how on Earth are they going to solve the problems that we are creating right now?

Is it safe to say that they will not be able to make decisions utilizing all the data and little details, and if so will this lead to more unintended consequences in the future? Other than my generation giving a hard time to the next generation, it might be better to just answer the question. You see the generation before me complained that my generation was worthless, and it did not turn out that way.

Of course every generation thinks of the next generation coming up as incompetent and they worry very much. Perhaps, it is this fact that helps us depart our wisdom to the next generation to help them through their trials and tribulations. Perhaps, it is for that reason that I am bringing up the subject and actually writing about it. And maybe since I have noticed this as you have to; perhaps, we should find a solution to this problem or dilemma.

It’s definitely something to think about and if you are one of the members of the newest generation, my recommendation to you is to increase your attention span in order to solve problems in the future. Because it’s pretty obvious to me that the problems are not going away and there will be new challenges ahead. Please think on this.

By Lance Winslow

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