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22 Jan, 2009

Jack: Straight From the Gut – Book Review

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Jack: Straight From the Gut by Jack WelchJack: Straight From the Gut
By Jack Welch
(Headland Publications 2003)
Reviewed by Ayoola Kaffo

This book is listed on the "50 Success Classics" by Tom Butler – Bowdon. In 2004, my Best Friend, Adenrele who also loves reading, brought the 50 Success Classics to my attention. We both agreed to go through the list and read all 50 books with life-changing wisdom. I’m on my 7th book now and I think she’s probably on her 20th book already.

I read JACK – A book I would refer to as a "Success" story, by Jack Welch, who narrates his journey of 41 years with a Company (GE) that achieved so much. In a simple and with a lot of detail, he explains his wins, losses, the pluses & minuses that he encountered in GE and life in general. If there was something Jack had so much of, it was self-confidence, which he descibes as the greatest single gift his mum gave him right from his early years. Building self-confidence in people and others was the core and huge part of his leadership – as a junior Manager and right through his career as Chairman & CEO of GE. "Confidence gives you courage & extends your reach. It lets you take greater risks and achieve far more than is thought possible". His Mother gave him that much confidence, she convinced him that he could be anyone he wanted to be. It was really up to him "You have to go for it" – she would say. His mother raised him to be strong , tough and independent.

The book presents Jack’s Leadership styles, Management beliefs and secrets of his success; which are definitely worth reading. Jack sure does have "guts". In school he wasn’t the smartest, but he had the focus to get the work done & he bagged a degree, masters degree, PhD, and became the greatest Corporate Leader of the 20th Century who turned GE into the most valuable Company in the world.


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