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02 Mar, 2011

James Caan & Bev James present The Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy for Coaches

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James Caan & Bev James present The Entrepreneurs' Business Academy for Coaches

James Caan and Bev James are proud to present the The Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy for CoachesA sales and marketing programme for coaches that has no equal.

Turn your coaching skills into a successful business. Specifically designed for coaches and delivered by world-class business experts who have forged incredibly successful careers in business and coaching.

Learn From The UK’s Leading Coaches And Business Experts. Like watching any TV quiz show it is always easy to get it right when you know the answers!

The EBA for Coaches team HAVE THE ANSWERS and will help you build and maintain a successful, sustainable coaching business by sharing tried, tested, up to date coaching techniques and sales and marketing strategies that have WORKED time and time again.

The EBA for Coaches’ Marketing Mastery Programme

Our six-month Success Sequence will cover a vast array of immediately useable strategies, tools systems and procedures designed to ensure your passion becomes a successful, sustainable profession.

Designed by some of the UK’s leading professional Coaches, Trainers and Mentors our Success Sequence will fast track your business with the Seven Steps to setting up a successful coaching business.

What will EBA for Coaches Do for You?

No matter where you are on your coaching journey – Just starting out, vastly experienced, somewhere in between or currently in training – EBA for Coaches will add COMMERCIAL and PROFESSIONAL value to you and your future/current coaching business.

Through EBA for Coaches you will have access to all the information you will ever need to make your coaching business a soaring success.

EBA for Coaches will share with you:

  • The EBA Niche Marketing System
  • How to achieve a rise in referrals
  • The EBA Prospect Follow-Up System
  • Selling coaching without ‘selling out’
  • The EBA Strategic Time Blocking system
  • Compelling copy-writing made easy
  • Joint ventures & strategic alliances
  • How to turn web ‘clicks’ into clients
  • How to get FREE publicity
  • Social media made easy
  • Web domination
  • Video and e-mail marketing made simple
  • How to let testimonials do the talking
  • Profitable product creation
  • Running your own workshop

The EBA for Coaches Marketing Mastery Programme is all you will ever need.

If you would like further information, please visit The Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy for Coaches website or call us on 0208 4399 493.

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  • Emma-Louise Elsey: CONGRATULATIONS to The Coaching Academy! I'm a bit late to the party here, but that's wonderful news. Well done for all your hard work and dedication
  • donna: That's me in that pic!!!!
  • Harry Singha: Great shout Thanks

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