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10 Nov, 2008

Laughter Is The Best…

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I don’t always consider medicine as the best way of getting better… but I do think that laughter is the best.

Often when people are stuck in a rut, out of options, lacking in self-esteem and self-confidence their sense of humour ebbs away. Our clients may think it is still there but listen to what they are saying and how they are saying ‘amusing’ things. What are they laughing at? The TV? Others? Themselves?

Laughing at other people is as derogatory as it is to laugh at yourself; you become the target of ridicule. Laughing with yourself and others brings a sense of connection, communication, empathy, love and freedom. Freedom to be silly, joyful and expressive.

If you are experiencing stress, a good hearty laugh is a physical tonic and great exercise! A natural pain reducer, it massages our internal organs, exercises our facial muscles, improves circulation, oxygenates the body, lowers blood pressure and lifts the spirits. It is well nigh impossible to laugh with your shoulders around your ears (try it!) and by naturally lowering your shoulders you automatically become less tense

During an early coaching session with a new client, I observed that he had an amusing way of saying things, but said them very seriously. ‘I have a great sense of humour,’ he said. ‘I just think I shouldn’t have one at the moment’, linking his humour to his ‘mistakes’, he felt that he was being laughed at and then felt a failure. When I asked him what it was like for him not to be honouring his sense of humour, he replied that he felt worse. We devised a ‘laughter session’ with my client acting as if his life was the way he wanted it to be and expressing himself accordingly. By the end of the session, his voice was stronger and louder, his delivery was lively and animated and he said he felt as high as a kite, as if he’d found a long lost friend again.

My client began the following session laughing. He told me he had been to conduct a business review for a company and had been taken all around the premises in a Land Rover – fun but nauseating. After parting from a working pub lunch with the clients, some of them beckoned him over but he thought he’d hop into the MD’s car and use the journey time to ‘ask some more direct questions’. He took no notice of the looks from some of his new clients. The MD, charming as ever, drove off. They sped 50 yards up the road, turned left and into the company office car park. There was a momentary silence as he got out of the car, he looked at the clients and the MD and said ‘Thank goodness I have a better business sense!’. Everyone laughed. The rest of the afternoon was a great success, and there was a signed contract at the end of it. Had this happened before coaching, my client told me, he would have been mortified, defensive and miserable. Now it was just funny.

Laughter is a great communicator, a barrier breaker and a bond creator. When you laugh, you are in the light, when you are in the light you love and when you love, you are alive. Isn’t that what being a LIFE Coach is all about?

By Life Coach Sally Abbot

5 Responses to "Laughter Is The Best…"

1 | Christa

November 11th, 2008 at 3:22 pm


Laughter and giggles are GREAT medicine. I recently found out there is such a thing called Laughter Yoga! You have to see it to believe it…but it’s true.

There is no better stress relief than a hearty belly laugh – cheers to giggling!

2 | Vivienne Leach

November 12th, 2008 at 5:07 pm


Yes, Yes! We must always remember that laughter is the best medicine! As serious coaches we can sometime impose stress upon ourselves, especially now when we’re endeavouring to secure more work!

Its so easy to forget to switch off sometimes – especially when you work from home and before you know it you’re heading for burn out! Slow down!

When stress starts to kick in, and you’ll recognise the symptoms, when your shoulders start to ache, your throat goes dry, your bum sticks to your seat and you remember that you havent had anything to eat, then its time to switch off the computer (if that’s the cause of the stress), phone a friend, (my best friend works in the local prison and that’s not very funny) go out for a coffee (or something much stronger if you are not tea-total) and just socialise! Anytime, anyplace, anywhere! Let your hair down. Crack a few jokes (they dont have to be rude!), blow a raspberry at the state of the economy! There are always winners if you look on the bright side. Its amazing how much more upbeat and more positive you will feel just by taking that one action. Give it a go!

Viv Leach
Motivational and Confidence Coach
“Vitality – for life and learning”

3 | Richard Abrahams MLCA

November 12th, 2008 at 7:06 pm


I have just started a laughing club and it has been met with mixed feelings

My aim is to have as many of my group laughing together

Dr Maden Kataria who founded the laughing clubs should be nominated the Noble Prize

Its no laughing matter

Regards Richard

4 | sangeeta patel

November 19th, 2008 at 9:26 pm


I have always laughed myself well, out of stress, and ensured I make others around me laugh too.I feel so great when I tell my stories,some of which are really not a laughing matter,but when my friends and family laugh their heads off I cant help but join in and we can laugh to the point of serious belly ache and tears streaming down our faces.!
Laughter keeps you young, vibrant and in tune with your better emotions.
My niece and nephew are 7 and 1 and we play and laugh all the time.
I do have one passion though……..I love movies classified as tear jerkers!!!!!!!!! I think the combination of both keep you balanced.

5 | Laughter Yoga | Giggle On!

December 4th, 2008 at 9:44 pm


[...] Laughter Yoga “get’s ‘er done” and makes people laugh……I say, go for it. Giggle On Yogis and [...]

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