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07 Sep, 2009

Life after Qualification!

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Life after Qualification! - Coaching Blog

I recall that fantastic day when the certificate for the Personal Performance Coaching Diploma arrived in the post. ‘Yes! I‘ve done it!’ It was a great feeling of accomplishment. Then I suddenly thought, ‘Ah now what?’

Is it just me or do many of us coaches go through this? It is possible to be a great coach but have no clients. We do need to be great business builders as well (for those of us building our own coaching practices). So if you can relate to any of this, this article may be for you. I have been coaching a few months now and would like to share some of my top tips for getting started, moving off first base and getting those all important first clients. So here goes.

  1. Get a coach: Make sure you get a qualified coach yourself. In my view we need to walk our walk so if we are sold on the idea of coaching we need to have a coach ourselves. The coaching academy web site lists qualified coaches and is a good resource.
  2. Identify your niche: It is very hard to hit a target we cannot see. Having a niche enables us to identify our target audience and get to know them. Don’t try to sell to them, instead identify what their needs are and show them how coaching can fill that need. Go to places where your target audience goes eg if you are a career change coach, consider attending job recruitment fairs, think about what magazines do people read when they are looking to change career, who do they talk to etc. Be creative
  3. Set yourselves goals: Sounds like ‘preaching to the converted’ doesn’t it, but honestly have you got written down goals and are they in a prominent place where you can review them regularly. Hands up, I did not have mine written down at the start but I do now and guess what, it works. Writing down your goals accelerates your achievement. Some years ago I wrote down a Goal To Do: Pass my Classical Guitar exams. I forgot about that goal, and when I past my grade 4 last month (with a merit!), I realised I had written that as a goal months earlier. Spooky, but as I said, it works!
  4. Don’t go out to get clients. Sounds contradictory, but concentrate instead on ‘giving’ will ensure you receive more clients that if you try to go out to get clients. How do you do this? There are many ways, and here are some to try: Schedule free workshops, write articles in magazines, offer a coaching session at your local school. Just get yourself known, and the paying clients will come in time.
  5. Network In general I have found that networking and word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Consider joining a well-established networking organisation such as BNI (  Again go to the places where your target audience goes. Talk to everyone about coaching but take care not to become an anorak. Talk about other subjects as well!

…and finally continue to be the best coach you can be. All the best with first steps in your coaching business

By Dr Simon Stillman

1 Response to "Life after Qualification!"

1 | Chris Stevens

September 28th, 2009 at 12:10 pm


Hi Simon,
I was encouraged by these tips and agree with the networking point, it is especially important to get on the likes of LinkedIn, facebook & twitter.

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