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19 Jan, 2011

Motivation: Put that stick away! by Debbie Robinson

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Motivation: Put that stick away!

In these challenging economic times there is a tendency for executives and managers to ‘bring out the stick’ to drive improved performance and commitment from staff. Neolithic managers that proclaim about their staff “they’re lucky to have a job at all”, beware!

Employees’ may be fearful of losing their jobs and comply too increased demands but many may just ‘keep their heads down’, biding their time until the right opportunity comes along to leave if the ‘stick’ style is part of your company culture. This is no way to build and maintain a successful business.

We know that in times of adversity there comes great opportunity but how can you take advantage? How will you sustain and grow your business in today’s economic climate? How will you maintain a competitive edge?

Your most valuable business assets are your people. Are you looking after them? Are you proactively developing their skills, motivation and commitment? Will this valuable asset of knowledge, experience and loyalty wither and die as resources become more and more scarce and ever more is demanded without true recognition and reward, or will you develop and enhance yours and their skills?

How do you communicate with your people? Are you clear and concise? Are objectives, responsibilities and parameters clearly defined and explained? Are you guilty of delegating more and more work without providing the right level of support and guidance only to find the job not done to requirements or the person delegated to de-motivated and uncommitted?

Do you delegate less and then take on more and more yourself, feeling burnt out and swamped?
“Why aren’t they driven and committed like me?” a thousand managers cry!

Debbie Robinson, a Corporate and Executive coach in Swindon says “Unless managers take responsibility to communicate clearly, provide encouragement and the correct level of support they will be managing a disenchanted and unproductive workforce!”

“It is now, in these challenging times that managers need to look to their management style and review company culture and processes to ensure commitment is high and procedures are not obstructive.”

Joseph P. Kennedy said, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

Ask yourself some tough questions and analyse the impact on your team:

  1. “How do I communicate objectives, expectations and parameters?”
  2. “Are job descriptions clear and concise?”
  3. “How is information disseminated?”
  4. “What is rewarded?”
  5. “What is punished?”
  6. “How do I engender loyalty and commitment?”

Debbie continues, “All of us want purpose, recognition and respect from our work. So, put that stick away and truly acknowledge how important and valuable your people are to you.Treat them well and they will help you ride out this recession and be ready, with you, when the upturn arrives, as it surely will!”

3 Responses to "Motivation: Put that stick away! by Debbie Robinson"

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January 19th, 2011 at 1:16 pm


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2 | Susan Grandfield

January 20th, 2011 at 2:15 pm


I am with you on this Debbie! Recently I have begun to notice that the organisations and individuals that are surviving and flourishing in these difficult times are the ones that have a clear direction and goal and know what part they play in achieving that goal. One simple thing that a manager can do to get the best from his/her team is to give them something to focus on and to define what their role is in achieving it.

The CIPD have actually found proof of this! In their 2010 research “Shared Purpose: The Golden Thread?” – they found that 84% of employees said they were engaged with their work versus 32% where there was no shared sense of purpose.

So, your points above are well made Debbie, be clear on your objectives and communicate those to your team.

3 | Barry Lee

January 23rd, 2011 at 11:23 pm


I agree that a lot of managers should adopt more of a coaching style. I work for a major retail store that uses more of a carrot approach than coach approach – although there are some supervisors who show that they want to use the coach approach. This is an engrained style and needs to be changed from top down. It is resulting in a high turnover of staff. Fortunately, for this company, it hires mainly foreign workers and, so, staff is plentiful.

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