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15 Jun, 2010

My De-cluttering Coaching Day

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My De-cluttering Coaching Day

Coaching Academy graduate and Home and Office Organising Expert Rachael Ross helps people to escape from the clutter so they can get clarity on what they really want in life.

Being a Home and Office Organising Expert is a slightly unusual career and one that people seem fascinated by. Whenever I meet people for the first time they want to know what I do and usually, once I’ve told them, they say, ‘I (or my wife/my sister/my friend) could really do with your help!’

They usually ask me then how I became a Home and Office Organising Expert. In the beginning, I was never quite sure how to answer that question, other than to say that I really enjoyed helping people take control back from their possessions and seeing how their confidence and self-assurance improved as a result.

My interest in organising space really developed once I left Canada and moved to the UK (I was working for a Canadian airline and transferred to its London office). Growing up in Canada, I had been spoilt with the luxury of space: we had big homes with basements, plenty of garden space around the house and wide roads. My move to the UK soon made me realise how lucky I had been– suddenly, I was confronted with the space restrictions of a traditional terrace house shared with two flatmates.

After six years, the airline I was working for was in trouble – the office closed and I was laid off. It was time for a drastic change and I went back to college and studied fashion design. I began to really experience the benefits of getting organised. College was busy, stressful and so much more then colouring pretty pictures. My small flat was overrun with stuff – sewing patterns, sketchpads, a sewing machine, fabric, pens and anything that inspired my creativity. Unsurprisingly, my stress levels rose.

One day, I had a moment of inspiration and pulled everything out of the room, bought boxes, containers and labels and organised everything. The difference it made to my state of mind and to my study was amazing, especially as it resulted in a final mark of distinction. After college, I had my own jewellery business but the pull towards helping others to achieve the benefits of organising was too great and I started ‘Purely Peppermint’, so named because ‘the results will take your breath away’!

Quite soon after starting my business, I realised that the clutter and mess had little to do with the actual ‘stuff’ and more to do with clients’ internal issues. Around the same time, my mentor recommended coaching and the benefits it could bring my business. I looked into the various training courses and chose to embark on The Coaching Academy course.

I’ve found coaching to be such a great tool to have. It fits so perfectly into what I’m doing. When a client is struggling with getting rid of a particular item,
for example, we can explore why that is and free up any unhealthy connections with the clutter.

One of my personal goals for all my clients is to do so much more than de-clutter. I want them to learn better habits so they can stay organised, be able to let go of the guilt and fear that is so often associated with clutter and to be able to move forward with their businesses, relationships, and lives.

My working day varies quite a bit: it all depends on whether it is a writing day and I am in the office, conducting a telephone consultation or visiting clients. When I am visiting a client’s home or office there is not always a typical session but there are themes that run though a de-clutter day. We start off by having a chat, (coaching session) during which we investigate the problems. We examine how the clutter and disorganisation is affecting them, how their home or office became so messy and their reasons for wanting to do something about it now. From that information, we set goals and get stuck in with clearing and organising a space.

At the beginning of Purely Peppermint, I was only involved with one to one de-cluttering at a client’s home. Now with coaching, I lead training courses, offer telephone consultations and am currently writing a book on how best to work from home. Coaching has enabled me to expand myself and my business in so many more ways than I ever thought possible.

By Rachael Ross
Rachael Ross of Purely Peppermint is a Coaching Academy graduate who specialises in helping people organise their home or office through coaching, hands-on help and training. For more information you can visit her website at or email her at

8 Responses to "My De-cluttering Coaching Day"

1 | Jon Daniels

June 16th, 2010 at 1:11 pm


Hi Rachael,

I am not the most tidy person but I have to agree about having a clear area to work in. My wife made me throw out everything I dont need. I have a phone, my laptop and a comfortable chair to run my empire from, with one box file that only paper I am using is allowed to go in at the end of my day.


2 | Emma Arblaster

June 16th, 2010 at 2:22 pm


Thank you Rachael for your insightful article which reinforced to me just how holistic coaching is, working simultaneously on mind, body and spirit with fantastic results! De-cluttering equates with deep cleansing at many levels. Love the name, “Purely Peppermint”!

3 | Greg Wilkinson

June 16th, 2010 at 5:59 pm


Excellant article, very insightful especially as to how we manage our office correlates to how we manage our personal state and therefore our daily lives..

Regards Greg Wilkinson

4 | Nikki Warnes

June 16th, 2010 at 9:22 pm


Wonderful article. So true, the toppling pile of paperwork sitting next to me on the settee is a true statement of my mind at the moment:o) I am reading through your tips sheets right now

thank you – right thing at the right time !

5 | Sarah Fraser

June 17th, 2010 at 5:39 pm


Great article Rachael! I’m sure you have plenty of people wanting your service! It is amazing what a clear out can do for your sense of wellbeing…you’ve just inspired me to spend a couple of hours tomorrow doing just this! Thanks.

6 | Martin Biginelli

June 18th, 2010 at 2:30 pm


A clear desk policy and a clear environment, provides space and freedom to develop and to achieve greater hights. An organised place creates welling being to an individual and allows the to think clear and be creative as well.

Your article also confirms the merits of coaching and how it can enhance your support via releasing clients from a must keep culture.

Thank you for a very interesting article.

7 | Rachael Ross

June 21st, 2010 at 12:33 pm



It is good to see that so many are understanding the importance of your work area when based at home. And the connection between clutter and our personal state.

I can always see the stress lift from a clients shoulders once their space is more organsied and they are back in control.

Regards Rachael

8 | David Finney

July 15th, 2010 at 5:37 pm


Clear Desk Policy is a hot business topic right now in the world of ‘privacy’ and ‘information security’. Purely Peppermint’, so named because ‘the results will take your breath away’ is a cool concept K/R David :-)

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