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16 Aug, 2009

My Journey to becoming a coach – Andrew Lochery

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My Journey to becoming a coach - Coaching Blog

Shortly after starting my first teaching post in an inner school, I was introduced to the concept of coaching. It really appealed to me and grabbed my attention straight away – it was a very positive and forward thinking technique and I seemed to understand the potential benefits almost immediately. Coaching was offering to deliver real results and I was intrigued to find out more. 

My first coaching experiences involved forming a coaching trio with some of my teaching colleagues. These sessions really opened my eyes to the possibilities of this technique. Most of what happened in the classroom usually seemed like such a blur. Things happened in lessons and I found myself reacting to each situation. I wanted to be able to anticipate situations more and just react less. Through our coaching sessions I began to look more closely at each lesson. I developed the ability to deconstruct my lessons and see more clearly what was happening.

My attitude towards work changed. I moved away from feeling under pressure and things seemed to flow more easily. I developed and used a coaching mindset when approaching different situations. This included asking more questions, as well as helping students to find their own solutions. During this period I started to believe that I could help others to help themselves.

Equally, coaching has taught me following my dreams. I had begun to develop a vision of how I wanted things to be. There seemed to be opportunities all around, if I was willing to take them. After a while in the classroom, I decided there was much more that I wanted to achieve in life. So, being an ambitious sort, I decided to leave my full time teaching post and set up the ‘Green APL’ education company.

Coincidentally, I finished my permanent job in the same month I attended the weekend coaching certificate course. I soon came to understand what a great opportunity that was being presented to pursue my interest in coaching. I left the course in Crewe on Sunday evening determined to add coaching to my repertoire of skills. 

Shortly after the weekend I decided to take the plunge and become a qualified coach. 

Now, 10 months on I can say that I made a very good decision to study for my coaching diploma with the academy and in April 2008, I gained a distinction overall for my diploma.  

Of course I was delighted, but this was just the first step towards fulfilling my ambitions. I am acutely aware of the effort that will be required to develop my business and achieve the success that I crave.

Since qualifying I have established two separate coaching niches. Each niche is aimed at a specific market in different sectors. My small business performance niche is aimed at very ambitious and driven small business owners. The aim is to support and accelerate the development of small businesses. 

My other niche is based in the education sector. By combining my experience as a science teacher and skills as a qualified coach, I can provide a highly useful service. My services are aimed at supporting the development of science teachers who are relatively new to the profession.  The first few years of a teaching career can be the most demanding and difficult years and I really believe coaching can make a big impact on the development of teachers in their early years.

My journey to date has provided some fantastic experiences. I have met some incredible, inspiring people at the Academy, from all walks of life. I have coached and been coached by many talented, professional and forward thinking people. Throughout the training I have learnt a lot my fellow trainee coaches, as well as the Academy trainers. They are a diverse and highly knowledgeable set of people.

Recently the Green APL Coaching website was launched and I have developed a series of goals that I am working hard to achieve. 

Following on from my experiences with The Coaching Academy I would encourage you to take action today. Your destiny really is in your own hands and the opportunities to develop to your own potential are waiting to be seized today.

By Andrew Lochery of Green APL Coaching

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1 | Mhairi Gordon

November 3rd, 2010 at 1:36 pm


I particularly resonate with your science teachers niche. I’m considering a niche to do with developing science-y people too. It’s great to know there are other science-y coaches out there

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