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25 Aug, 2011

National Occupational Standards in Coaching and Mentoring

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National Occupational Standards in Coaching and Mentoring

The Coaching Academy sponsored the creation of The Coaching and Mentoring National Occupational Standards (NOS) back in 2006. Kris Robertson and Jan Lonnen are now working with LSIS (The Learning and Skills Improvement Service) as part of the 2011 revision.

What are National Occupational Standards (NOS)?

National Occupational Standards (NOS) describe what an individual needs to do, know and understand in order to carry out a particular job role or function

  • NOS are National because they can be used in every part of the UK where the functions are carried out.
  • NOS are Occupational because they describe the performance required of an individual when carrying out functions in the workplace, i.e. in their occupation (as a plumber, police officer, production engineer etc).
  • NOS are Standards because they are statements of effective performance which have been agreed by a representative sample of employers and other key stakeholders and approved by the UK NOS Panel.

How can I use NOS?

These are agreed standards of good practice – recognised within the industry. Individual coaches can use them in the following ways:

As part of your professional development:

  • undertake a self-assessment of your competences against your own or other jobs. This can be helpful if you are considering a career move or simply for identifying areas for your own professional development.

To increase your job satisfaction:

  • motivate you to learn and develop new and existing skills and knowledge. They help identify ways to improve performance and to gain credit for your achievements, leading to greater job satisfaction.

And perhaps also to:

  • Assess your skills levels
  • Improve your performance
  • Set professional objectives
  • Develop personal training plans
  • Benchmark your performance against your future progress
  • Scope out opportunities for a change in career based on your skills
  • Motivate yourself to develop new skills
  • Gain credit for your performance and achievement

NOS are also used by Managers to identify the skills required in a workforce and as part of staff recruitment, training and development – the Standards often being used as the basis for job descriptions.

Importantly, NOS are also used by awarding bodies and regulatory organisations to develop and approve new qualifications.

What is the purpose of the current NOS revison?

The current review is intending to:

  • Define coaching and mentoring as per the NOS
  • Research current relevant qualifications
  • Develop a Coaching and Mentoring functional map
  • Produce NOS for Coaching and Mentoring
  • Produce recommendations for related future qualifications

Kris Robertson, Operations Director of The Coaching Academy sat on the Steering Group together with his peers at the pinnacle of the Coaching Industry – the aim being to steer the outcome of the project whilst supporting and advising re subsequent deliverables. Kris was joined by Jan Lonnen, Qualifications Manager of The Coaching Academy as part of the Working Group providing detailed input to develop the detail of the NOS and functional map.

What’s the next step?

Following feedback from the Working Group, there will be an open public review period to review and draft the NOS and Functional map. The Coaching Academy will provide further information with regards to how you can be involved in the review in the coming weeks.

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1 | Malcolm Lugton

August 25th, 2011 at 7:35 pm


Interesting! Happy to keep in the loop on this Kris!!

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