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19 Apr, 2011

Plotting your Course by Debbie Robinson

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Plotting your Course by Debbie Robinson

Hooray! Holiday season is here! The great thing is you’ve survived! What with the recession, job losses, house prices plummeting, budgets being cut, you’re still in one piece – right?

If you are heading off on a well deserved summer break with your family or friends , it’s an excellent time to reflect on the goals you set yourself at the beginning of the year. So how are things going? Are you on track, or nowhere to be seen!

No matter where you are, remember, there is no such thing a failure only feed back! So what have you learnt so far? What were your goals? What obstacles did you come up against? What do you need to do in order to get back on track and achieve your goals?

Let’s focus on getting REALLY clear about what you want to achieve. The real key to sales success is having clearly defined goals. So what is your ultimate goal? Is it achieving your OTE, gaining promotion, upgrading your car, or winning that all important and elusive client?

What is it you want? Do you really know? Are you just avoiding getting sacked or hauled into the bosses’ office for not making your numbers?

When we focus on not doing something, i.e. not getting sacked, not standing out , not getting rejected on the phone, we are not moving towards our goals. It’s self defeating.

What is it you want?

Be absolutely 100% sure, in your own mind, what it is you want to achieve and why! Do not belittle your dreams. Even, if they seem an impossibility at this stage. When you know what it is you want to achieve – WRITE IT DOWN! Then, and this takes some time and commitment (and courage), imagine achieving it!

What will it feel like?

What will you hear and see around you when you achieve it? Who will be there, what will they be saying and doing? What are you wearing, where are you? Really go to town on visualising your success. Bask in it! Really feel it!

Next, when is it realistic to achieve your goal? It can’t be too far out or you’ll lose motivation. Three years is a manageable period for a long term goal. If your goal is VERY BIG break it down into more achievable shorter term goals.

For example, if you want to treble your sales figures in the next year, evaluate if this is actually realistic. If not , don’t discard the goal, set more suitable targets and time scales as ‘stepping stone’ goals to achieving your ultimate target of trebling your sales figures.

When you’ve decided on the time scale WRITE IT DOWN along side of your goal.

Great! So what’s next?

TOWARDS! Always towards, no matter what the obstacles remember to ask yourself every day “what one small step can I take towards my goal”.

Have you ever watched a wind surfer tacking across a lake? He has a point on shore as his focus point and must use the variable winds to move back and forth toward that ‘goal’. Steadily and confidently he reaches his desired destination.

It’s just the same for accomplishing sales goals or in fact, any goal. There is rarely an easy, direct route. You need to be flexible and adjust constantly, but always knowing where you want to get to. It is the absolute key to your success!

If you have a destination in mind you need a plan, directions if you like. You wouldn’t set out on your summer holiday without knowing where you were going and how you planned to get there no matter how independent a traveler you are. Even if you have only the briefest of details such as, drive to airport, get on plane, get off plane, into taxi to hotel. You have a plan! Why should your goals be any different?

So, what one small step can you take today TOWARDS your goal today?

by Debbie Robinson

1 Response to "Plotting your Course by Debbie Robinson"

1 | Stevie Fulthorpe

April 20th, 2011 at 5:05 pm


Debbie, I couldnt agree more. A lot of people are so focussed on what they don’t want, they can’t actually see what it is they do want. By asking the question; what do you want instead to away from goals, you can help the client to plan and put in place process goals to achieve their aim.’

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