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22 Mar, 2011

Quantum Skills for Coaches

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Quantum Skills for Coaches

A successful coach is skilled at helping others reach their goals by asking them the right questions. But even the most talented coaches sometimes come to a plateau with their clients. I have found that instead of asking questions of the client’s mind-in-their-brain there is another way of achieving great results and it is connected to quantum physics.

Some people may think that a link between quantum physics and coaching is a bit far-fetched – but if you’re interested enough to be reading this then you may already have some curiosity about the connection. I’ve been working with this concept for about fourteen years now and I keep discovering more and more of these connections which show how the findings from this fascinating field of quantum physics impacts our lives.

Quantum physics says that everything that is, is made of tiny parcels of energy vibrating at different frequencies. The more solid a thing appears to be the slower its vibration and the less solid it appears the faster or finer the vibration. So the energy particles that comprise a wooden table for example have a slower frequency than say, your body which being somewhat less solid has a finer vibration. And absolutely everything that exists is made of energy vibrating like this.

The space between objects is also energy vibrating very fast. In fact there really is no space and there really are no objects. The whole universe is a kind of energy soup with bits floating around in it all resonating at different frequencies. So, we are connected to everyone and everything through this energy soup – this quantum soup.

Even a silent thought or a spoken word is a vibration – a very fine yet powerful form of vibration which shimmers out into and affects the quantum soup as well as affecting the energy of our own physical body and our health. We actually become the essence of the thoughts that we think and the words that we speak. As coaches we are of course keenly aware of the impact of our thoughts and language on our lives – it’s one of the principle ways in which we work with our clients – and the quantum skills toolkit gives more insights and tools into how to use this principle.

Not only are our thoughts and words an energetic vibration, but so are all the events that have taken place in our lives. These ‘energetic footprints’ of our life experiences lodge quietly in the energy form of our own body sometimes presenting us with issues. Powerful coaching questions can help enormously to address such deeply embedded issues, but there often comes a point, when using this quite cognitive approach when it can be quite tough-going and the client seems to get stuck.

So the quantum skills approach shows how, instead of asking questions of the brain, we can talk to the energetic resonance itself and connect directly with the body-mind. And when we do this, we find that the body does literally ‘speak its mind’ and tells a story – usually a very clear and straightforward one, and often in the form of metaphor. The client often feels the energy shift from within and proclaims: “Ah! Now I get it!” And because their body ‘gets it’ their brain accepts it too. It’s an astoundingly simple, intuitive process which can cut through an issue like a knife through butter, amazing both client and coach.

This is just a brief overview of one aspect of the quantum skills toolkit which is drawn from a number of related approaches including NLP, psychodrama, CBT, kinesiology, EFT, the work of Eugene Gendlin, Brandon Bays, Daniel Goleman and Eckhart Tolle. It is essentially applied Emotional Intelligence as it works largely with the energy of emotions and ultimately leads and encourages the client to be in the present moment.

And of course this approach to coaching is not a replacement of your current coaching techniques and methodologies, but a simple-to-learn enhancement to them. I do believe that a time is soon coming when tools such as these will be commonplace in the coach’s toolkit.

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Annette Simmons is a management consultant and leadership coach, who has developed a powerful, cutting edge coaching process that enables organisational leaders to explore and change deeply ingrained thinking processes and behaviours. She is the author of Quantum Skills for Coaches, a handbook and DVD for teaching her unique coaching method.

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3 Responses to "Quantum Skills for Coaches"

1 | Sousa Hari

March 23rd, 2011 at 4:10 pm


Thanks Annette, I really enjoyed your article. I’d love to learn more and will be at your CPD workshop!

2 | Diane Holowood

April 4th, 2011 at 3:29 pm


I’m thinking about becoming a life coach, and have looked at much literature from the many academies and colleges ,but one thing they all leave blank is how to actually get clients! Any comments on this please?

3 | The Coaching Academy

April 7th, 2011 at 10:18 am


Hi Diane

This is a question that is often posed and on our Free Introductory Event we do cover various ways in which coaches can market their business, you can book a place online at:

Recently, our MD together with James Caan, has also launched a division of The Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy especially for coaches, more details can be found here at:

If you have any further questions, please call Steve Fox our Senior course advisor on 0208 4399 440 – we’d be very happy to answer all your questions.


The Coaching Academy Team
0208 4399 440

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