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08 Dec, 2008

Richard Barningham – Success Stories

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Richard BarninghamMy journey began in February 2008 with the free coaching weekend session that I found inspirational and crystallized my decision to become a coach. Between April and August I attended each of the accelerator days for the Corporate and Executive Coaching Programme and Personal Performance Coaching Diploma, soaking up as much as I possibly could, enjoying every moment and was very conscious of the personal development experience The Coaching Academy was giving me in addition to the tools and skills to go on to be a great coach. My particular thanks go to Lesley who I think is great except for her choice of football team, Sarah whose sense of fun & laughter I can still hear resonating when I read my notes and Pam who has the sexiest voice of any trainer I’ve ever met!

In July I invited a few of my most creative friends round under the auspices of a curry and a few bottles of wine. Actually, they were part of a strategic plan to help me chose a name for my business which we did via mind mapping and brainstorming under a haze of Pinot Grigio. Those friends went on to become my coachees for all my practical work, and then introduced me to some paying clients, and I now have 2 other corporate contracts from them as well! Curry + Wine = Very Good Value.

In August, I did a coaching stint on our local radio, Red Dragon FM which, by coincidence, was listened to by a TV producer in Birmingham and we have since filmed a coaching piece that was aired last week on ITV Central news. In November, I did an exhibition at a Natural Health show and two 30 minute talks titled “So what’s all this life coaching malarkey then?” Thank you Ann Skidmore, I pinched that phrase off you at one of our very lively accelerator days! I gambled during this talk and coached a member of my audience in front of 40 people; the gamble paid off as one of the attendees is business entrepreneur that is about to offer me the contract to run a series of coaching workshops for his staff in Essex.

From 5th January 2009 I shall be coaching full time, the beginning of another new journey…

Richard Barningham Life Coach
Clear Perspective
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2 Responses to "Richard Barningham – Success Stories"

1 | Mark Beckles

December 11th, 2008 at 9:30 pm


Well done, Richard! It’s great to see that you’re now coaching full time.

It really is inspiring, because I’ve been present at the accelerator days you attended. In fact, you might recall we both had exactly the same design on our business cards.

You seem to have got you subconscious mind working positively for you, because opportunities are just drawn to you. Radio, TV, Exhibitions? What’s next? Your own Hollywood movie perhaps?

Well done, again. I wish you and your business every success.

2 | Ann Skidmore

December 17th, 2008 at 4:35 pm


Excellent news Richard not only on the successes you mention above, but also for achieving a distinction in your Diploma – well deserved of course – and wasn’t it lovely for you to have so much applause from the Coventry audience when you were awarded that diploma? Also I’m so glad to hear one of my phrases lives on from an Accelerator day and now is a 30 minutes presentation – such fame! Seriously though it is great to hear how well things are going for you and you haven’t even reached 5th January as yet. Just imagine what 2009 will bring you. Congratulations.

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