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In these challenging economic times there is a tendency for executives and managers to ‘bring out the stick’ to drive improved performance and commitment from staff. Neolithic managers that proclaim about their staff “they’re lucky to have a job at all”, beware

‘I have recently been coaching a number of senior and middle managers in a primary care trust undergoing massive organisational change, with three organisations merging into one, people applying for their own jobs and not getting them, and a real de-moralised air about the place. ‘It’s interesting that highly able and usually confident people’s pervading thoughts were “I won’t get a [...]

07 Jun, 2009

Discovery: A Case for Executive Coaching

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Jim was the Chief Financial Officer of a growing robotics company. He had six other managers reporting to him and was responsible for two departments, as well as budget and financial information for the company’s operations. It was a stressful job at times but a great company to work for and he seemed happy to [...]

19 Apr, 2009

Dealing With Job Loss

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Job loss is probably the most traumatic event in anyone’s career path. People react differently – some with shock, helplessness while others who were perhaps forewarned, with an initial bravado. However, whether it is an expected event or an unwelcome surprise, the loss of a job can seriously dent a person’s self-esteem. Initial bravado may [...]

03 Nov, 2008

Performance Coaching – Book Review

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Performance Coaching by Angus McLeod, Ph.D. (Crown House Publishing, 2003) Whether you’re a novice or veteran executive coach, HR professional or manager, Dr Angus McLeod’s Performance Coaching provides a wealth of information, practical examples and tools with which to advance your abilities and handle almost any situation in the workplace with elegance and finesse. The [...]

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