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The temptation when setting up in business is to try to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Experienced coaches and marketing specialists warn however this is not the path to success but a fast route to frustration and ultimate failure.

Continuing with the 10 most common marketing mistakes coaches make and how to avoid them, here are numbers 4 and 5 for this week’s post. I hope by sharing these posts you’ll know what to look out for ahead of setting up your coaching business so you’re better prepared and able to make your coaching enterprise a commercial success.

Anyone who has ever looked for that perfect person will tell you that finding them takes a massive investment. Of course, we all know that ultimately love is priceless, but in this modern world, everything costs money, and unfortunately, you get what you pay for. So at the risk of taking all the romance out of your search, let’s add it up.

I’m always interested to know what happens once coaching is over with a client. Sometimes I find out when a client tells me they’ve been referred and then I reckon things must have gone well. Most times I don’t know the end result. But what I do know is that the work that I put in and the responsibility that I expect of my client, increases the likelihood of success.

If you find people glazing over at networking events when you tell them “I’m a coach”, you haven’t found your coaching niche. When you find it, and you tell people what you do, their eyes will light up and they’ll say “That’s me! I need some of that!” or at least “I know someone else who needs some of that!”. And you’ll get work as a result.

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