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Many people focus solely on negativity and criticism, when they communicate with each other. It is a quick way to disengage and damage your reputation.

A fundamental change in work place organisations is taking place. It is no longer money or perks that are the biggest motivators for people but finding meaning and purpose.

Emotions navigate us: the more we know them, the more we understand their message. When we feel sadness, we don’t have time for joy, when we feel bored we cannot feel acceptance.

Research by Daniel Goleman in the 1980s found that up to 90% of star performer’s success was due to emotional savvy rather than other factors. According to Goleman, your ability to be emotionally savvy is a significant determinant of how successful you are in life.

A successful coach is skilled at helping others reach their goals by asking them the right questions. But even the most talented coaches sometimes come to a plateau with their clients. I have found that instead of asking questions of the client’s mind-in-their-brain there is another way of achieving great results and it is connected to quantum physics.

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