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07 Jun, 2009

Discovery: A Case for Executive Coaching

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Jim was the Chief Financial Officer of a growing robotics company. He had six other managers reporting to him and was responsible for two departments, as well as budget and financial information for the company’s operations. It was a stressful job at times but a great company to work for and he seemed happy to [...]

01 Mar, 2009

What Is Stress?

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Stress means so many different things to different people that it has been described as the most imprecisely defined word in the dictionary. There are literally hundreds of definitions of stress to be found within research and professional literature. Professor Terry Looker and Dr. Olga Gregson of Streetwise wrote one definition, which clearly shows the [...]

30 Jan, 2009

Stages of Team Formation

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A team is generally established to work on a particular project or task. When the task is complete, the team then generally disbands. There is often an expectation that any team is effective immediately but this is an unrealistic expectation because before a team can become highly effective, the members need to grow and mature. [...]

03 Nov, 2008

Performance Coaching – Book Review

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Performance Coaching by Angus McLeod, Ph.D. (Crown House Publishing, 2003) Whether you’re a novice or veteran executive coach, HR professional or manager, Dr Angus McLeod’s Performance Coaching provides a wealth of information, practical examples and tools with which to advance your abilities and handle almost any situation in the workplace with elegance and finesse. The [...]

19 Sep, 2008

Translating Personal Success In Organisations

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Many organisations are sceptical about return on investments for sponsoring employees on personal success coaching programmes as benefits reaped are quite intangible and not directly linked to the bottom line. However, if the links between personal-organisational relationships are identified, actively worked upon and clearly communicated, the outcome is mutually rewarding. Most companies use coaching predominantly [...]

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